February 22, 2011

BP Admits Using Genetically Modified Bacteria During Oil Disaster

Something very sinister has been going on in the Gulf of Mexico. BP has been trying to cover it up from the United States media. Everyone knows BP really screwed up when one of their rigs started spewing oil, and they couldn't cap it. Thousands and thousands of gallons of oil were pumped directly into the Gulf of Mexico's waters. They were looking for a solution for many weeks, and they even started asking people that came up with many bizarre ideas to fix the problem. At one point someone even mentioned throwing hay into the Gulf and then scooping out the oil soaked hay in an attempt to clean. Obviously none of these methods were used because they might do more harm then good. So what did BP do? They got rid of their CEO, and got a new CEO Bob Dudley. BPs bright idea to combat this oil problem was to release genetically altered bacteria, that was given a better instruction set to eat more oil. Bacteria exists all over the globe that eats hydrocarbons like oil, methane, and benzene. What scientists have done was harvest some of this bacteria, and modify the DNA code so that it is better "programmed" to eat oil, and lots of it. They were then released throughout the Gulf of Mexico, so that this bacteria could go to work. What if this bacteria replicates out of control? What is its affects on sea life or human life? When we play God like this we can never be sure of the repercussions. Here is the scientific name for the bacteria that had its DNA altered...
  •  Pseudomonas alcaligenes - Can degrade hydrocarbons like benzene, and methane.
  • Alcanivorax borkumensis - A bacteria that can degrade, or eat, oil hydrocarbons specifically.
  • Oleispirea Antarctica - Probably the most rare, and unpredictable of the hydrocarbon thriving bacteria. This is only found in Rod Bay, and the Ross Sea in Antarctica. This one because of its rarity, could mutate, or do something very unpredictable.
  • Oceaniserpentilla Haliotis - This is another rare hydro carbon degrading bacteria that can only be found in the Tasman Sea between New Zealand and Australia. This also has the potential to do unpredictable things.
These are the bacteria that BP and their scientists are playing God with. They have altered there DNA make up even further so that they can eat more oil, and stay away from methane and benzene. Do you think this is wise? What if this bacteria slipped through the cracks and started chomping up our oil reserves? The potential of this thing doing something unpredictable is very high. This is simply something that could exponentially grow out of control. It could even create new airborne diseases and viruses that infect humans and other biological life. I have found a video of BP admitting to this on the BBC. I live in Texas. I could not access the video because it says "Not Available for your Area". Is this because I am close to ground zero? I believe they are trying to keep this as quiet as possible from the residents of the Gulf of Mexico, here is the video uploaded to YouTube so that you can view it...

Notice how the BBC reporter is rudely cut off from asking too many questions. I find this video very interesting. If you live in the United States in a similar area that I do, then here is the link to the BBC video. Try to play it. It will not play if you are in my region. This is a conspiracy in itself. There is something they aren't telling us you can be sure of that. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00c31mn

UPDATE: Hundreds of baby dolphins have washed up on the shore of Alabama and Mississippi. Was this a direct result of the BP tampering with these bacteria so that they could degrade this oil? It is the first breeding season since the spill, and dolphins are very smart animals. Why is this happening? No one knows. All across the globe there has been very strange animal deaths and sea creatures washing up for no reason. This dolphin situation is one of those sad stories. Trust me this time it most definitely wasn't fireworks. Leave a comment and please let me know what you think about this.

Baby Dolphins Wash Up Dead on Gulf Coast

Bio Remediation Admitted by BP and Huffington Post

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  1. i used to live in the gulf in bay st. louis ms and hold some of my dearest memories of my childhood there so all of this truly saddens my heart, along with so many of the worlds' other catastophes, mostly due to deliberate intentions to harm our mother earth. i have been searching for answers to all of these world issues for several years now and have learned so much, after weeding out what did not make sense. i appreciate all of the information, such as that found on your website, and have concluded that it is important to awaken as many as possible with the truths that lay before our eyes, but most importantly, in these dark days, it is imperative that we as a living species connected to the entire universe focus our energies on the power of our almighty creator to intervene and that in this power to create, also is the power to heal this/these "cancers" that are trying to destroy the earth, our home!! if you can understand where i am coming from, please try to spread this message. i think that all the powers that are control this earth think that they are beyond the infinite powers of creation and have been programming all of us to believe that we have no power - which we all do through faith!!! however, there is such urgency in these days to unite in faith and love all across the planet! peace and love.

  2. Thank you for your post. I really needed that. Sometimes researching all of this stuff can really make you feel powerless as you said. I am focusing on opening peoples eyes. One love.


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