January 3, 2011

The Movie Hudson Hawk and Esoteric Messages

I have now recently got in the habit of watching old movies from my child hood. Why? Some of these movies show deep symbolism, and many esoteric teachings within the movie that main stream Hollywood evidently know about. Was Bruce Willis initiated as a grand master Mason after this movie or before? Was he like Harrison Ford and brought into the elite of the Hollywood acting community through witchcraft or ritual magic? Was there human sacrifice involved in being such a key player in the movie industry? All of these questions are speculation, however, it can not be denied that Bruce Willis has been a key player for a very long time. Every single one of his movies (much like Harrison Ford) has been a box office success. What does one have to do to reach this success? Granted I know it does take skill to be this caliber of an actor, but can this skill be obtained by anybody willing to undergo the dark ritual magick? Your guess is as good as mine. Please do not get me wrong, this is a classic movie, and like the movie Star Wars or Indiana Jones, I loved it very much even to this day. However, I am not one to discredit the obvious in your face symbolism of each of the movies. Now lets get into the hidden esoteric messages...

Now the concept of this movie is simple, some villain decides to steal the hidden piece of Leonardo da Vinci's alchemy machine that turns lead into gold. They plan on creating so much gold, and flooding the market, that the only people that are left with all the money is the villains in the movie. This seems like a great plan. Could anyone have Leonardo da Vinci's secret of turning a base metal into gold? That I could not tell you. I have done a post about Alchemy before, and I believe that it is more of a spiritual change within your body refining yourself to the highest most purified point of a spirit being fully capable of astral travel, or nirvana as some people call it.

At the beginning of the movie they show the hidden secret of turning lead into gold. This I believe is very symbolic of the Merkaba or Merkabah. The hidden piece that the bad guys in this movie are after, is key to the gold making process. Mer means light, Ka means spirit, and Ba means body. It is obviously very much like a star tetrahedron. Leonardo da Vinci really does speak of this in not only some journals, but also in many of his artworks. Was Leonardo da Vinci an initiate of a secret mystery school that practiced ancient magick? Maybe. Even Dan Brown hints at such when writing his books the da Vinci code, and Angels and Demons.

This is the star tetrahedron of the Merkaba. Notice how it fits and correlates to this illustration of da Vinci? This may be the true da Vinci code, or at least one of the many that deserves some attention. Could Leonardo some how travel to other dimensions? Was he capable of remote viewing? Is Bruce Willis? Does he know some of these magic techniques? Maybe this is the secret to his success all across the board. Harrison Ford also has a great deal of this knowledge, but we will get into that on another post. Here is what I know about the Merkaba, or Merkabah. It is a light vehicle that you are supposed to meditate on that connects you to higher realms of consciousness. Both parts of the star tetrahedron are supposed to counter rotate in a field of light around your body while meditating. This is  how you are able to remote view or in some cases, travel to other dimensions. Many mystery schools have pointed to this object in sacred geometry as a useful tool at performing many different types of magick.

This picture clearly shows someone meditating inside the star tetrahedron created through meditation to travel to different dimensions, or to other skews of reality. These 2 images that I have shown you regarding the star tetrahedron previously are not part of the Hudson Hawk movie, however I felt that it was important to show how similar it is to the key in the mastery of alchemy. Which is turning the lead into gold.

This is the photo of the actual process in the movie using the Sun, (which is a symbol for gold in esoteric alchemy process) and the star tetrahedron actually creating the gold from lead using mirrors and a sort of prism reflection. This is all eerily similar to masonic teachings and tradition. In this movie I would also like to point out that there is a secret group created by the CIA that is called "The Mayflowers" the mayflowers has deep meaning to the freemasons, as that is the ship that came to the new world. If you don't believe that "the mayflower" is deeply connected to the hearts of all the Freemasons, check out the name of this lodge..."The Mayflower Lodge of M.M.M. No. 1899". Now I will post more screen shots with brief descriptions...

This is a picture of Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis) hanging off the side of daVinci's castle with his friend Tommy.

Here is a picture of Bruce Willis checking out the ruins in Rome very close to the Vatican. This film was obviously shot on site, and was given special privileges in the locations it had access to in the Vatican. It even shows an underground rail way system for Vatican deliveries that has never been seen again in any other movie, or documentary for that matter.

This is a picture of a real Vatican freight truck of some sort. It obviously bares the seal of the Vatican, and shows that the Vatican had a lot to do with the movies production.

Outside view of da Vinci's castle. Bruce Willis is not placed here by computers, and it is obviously a real filming location used by the producers and directors. Did you know that Bruce Willis actually co-wrote a large portion of this movie? Its very strange, look it up on IMdb...

I hope you have liked my post here, I have tried to explain as much as I can with what I have found. I am sure there is tons of more symbolism that is not covered. Please feel free to view the movie yourself and watch it. It is a great movie, and I have nothing against the producers, directors, or even Bruce Willis, I think they are all talented individuals, however you can't do a production like this and expect me not to say anything about it. My brain never stops working. Love and light, please leave me comments.

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