January 28, 2011

GI-Joe and Their Illuminati Effect on Modern Society

I have written about the Transformers movie in 1983 and there occult and esoteric symbolism in mostly all of their series. This time I want to talk about another popular cartoon of the 80s, GI-Joe. GI-Joe was one of the highly popular cartoon series of that time, and I remember watching every day after school. I have watched a number of episodes recently, and I have noticed some very interesting parallels with our world today. How could the producers of this show have known with such great accuracy the agenda of the most evil organization in the world the Illuminati 25 years ago? I believe because the people that created this show knew the new world agenda. Why was it shown to us in such a way? The show is about a team of elite American specially trained combat soldiers that call themselves GI-Joe. Their job is to defend the world against the evil terrorist organization The Cobras. I think it is interesting that the evil terrorists are called The Cobras, and on a number of occasions throughout the show the GI-Joe sometimes call The Cobras "reptilians". If you haven't done any research on the significance of the snake in our history, I suggest you go do that. Lets talk about some of the episodes that I have seen recently that I believe directly reflect whats going on today with the Freemason/Illuminati take over. I will also post the video so that you may watch the episode in full and maybe my loyal viewers can help me find more symbolism...

GI-Joe: Money to Burn
In this episode Cobra Commander has developed a machine that destroys all of the USA's paper currency. He even re-enacts a gold seizure of sorts and tells normal citizens to bring all their valuables to an "Extensive Enterprises" location so that it may be traded for a new Cobra currency (which is a gold-like bullion, that isn't made of pure gold). This sounds like exactly what is happening today with these "Cash For Gold" like companies. Do not give your gold to these companies for cash. They are a total rip off and give you pennies on the dollar of what your gold is really worth. If anything you should buy more gold, because our American Dollar is declining every day. You can see this by how much gold is worth in USD per ounce. Gold has sky rocketed to an all time high currently, and this sounds like exactly what Cobra commander would do. This is very strange. The Federal Reserve needs to be audited, and it is no more Federal than Federal Express. Were they preparing us when we were young to accept and submit to this type of tyranny? Obviously every normal citizen in this episode is helpless. Luckily the GI-Joe came to save the day. Which isn't going to happen in real life folks. Most people are clueless to whats really going on in our financial sector.

GI-Joe: The Pyramid Of Darkness
Does the pyramid without a capstone look familiar? It should to everyone that is an American citizen (because it's on our dollar), or any avid reader of this blog. This is the main symbol for the Illuminati. The symbolism in this screen shot is very obvious. I'm surprised parents didn't put this all together back then, I guess they couldn't see the future...but somehow this show knows about what is to come. In this episode Cobra Commander has his own space station, and is assembling black cubes all over the planet so that he can disable all the power grids in the northern hemisphere. Something may happen like that in our future. Just look up the coming solar storms. Im not saying that these solar storms are intentionally created by anyone, however I am saying that the possibility of planet Earth having a huge EMP blast that takes down our power grids is entirely possible. All within the next couple of years. Prepare yourselves, GI-Joe has been trying to tell us for a long time. It is also interesting how this show has never been picked up by a network to be re-aired on television. I'm sure they would just redo the animation, however, I'm also sure the story lines would not match at all. People in the know back then like David Rockefeller were doing subliminal mind experiments on us with cartoon and movie plots.

GI-JOE: Glamor Girls
In this episode of GI-Joe Cobra Commander's plan is to hypnotize models and entertainers and put them under mind control. This I believe is one of the biggest plans today of the Illuminati. From Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, to Megan Fox most of what they produce can be traced back to MK-ULTRA, or government mind control experiments. They also have a lot of Illuminati symbolism in all of their works. This is where it gets weird, is cobra commander a real entity? Was he responsible for making this show? One thing is for sure many of these things are going on today right under our noses. The only difference is we don't have a GI-JOE to save us.

If you would like to watch these episodes please watch them below and let me know if you find any more symbolism in the comments. I have been studying a lot of productions from the past, and their is just too much for one person to notice I'm sure. Remember more heads are better than one. Love and light.

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  1. Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

    You have discovered some truth in these explorations. However, the rabbit hole gets deeper. The biggest kept secret in this world is the worship and brotherhood of Jesus Christ the Lord. In a sense, he is the real G.I. Joe. Now, the Illuminati doesn't want you to know this. So, instead, they give you a hero with another name. These are corrupted lies used to deceive, brainwash, and manipulate everyone. Christ is the ONLY way to the Father. The Father Is, Was, and Always will be. I encourage you to take a step back from yourself and look around you. It's everywhere. This world is evil and destined for death. Alas, redemption and salvation are waiting. Just accept Jesus Christ as you personal Lord and Savior, Read the Gospel (NKJ version), and Pray in Jesus name. You couldn't possibly imagine how important the name Jesus Is, Was, and Will be. He is your Only way. Anyone offering you something else is lying and brainwashed. It's not that these people are evil, they just don't know. Idle hands are the devil's playground. It should be said, Idle spirits are the devil's spirits. Well, write me if you want to talk to anyone. I love you in Christ, brother. The path is narrow, few may find it.
    May Love be with you in Christ


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