December 9, 2011

Huge Cloaked UFO Revealed Next to Mercury

This is amazing. Our sun's CMEs or Coronal Mass Ejection (solar wind that has been released by the sun into space) has been showing magnificent pictures on the Navy's website called SECCHI. Recently, on December 1st, 2011 there was something strange that was revealed. If you were watching the website you saw that a cloaked space vehicle that is very huge showed itself. Was it because the CMEs from the sun disabled their cloaking device? Let me know what you think happened.

Here is a link to the Navy's website where this all went down:

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November 5, 2011

History of Satanic Video Games

Usually when people think of other people that have sold their soul to the devil for success, everyone is quick to generalize that into musicians and politicians. This is not always the case. I know there are evil forces in this world. I know there are some things we just should not tamper with. Everyone that has a good moral character, would understand this. Some of these symbols I am about to show you are symbols most people would call satanic but also do not fully understand their purpose. They affect our brain, and bring about the intentions of evil and very negative things. Whenever I hear the term someone "sold their soul", just so that they could be successful, I think that has to do with people doing strange rituals, and aligning themselves with astrological bodies, star systems, and energies that all of us do not fully understand. To do this is extremely risky, but that doesn't mean people are not willing to take that risk. I have done a lot of research on this blog about video games, secret societies, and different magickal practices. I have done some serious investigating into the secret organizations that run this planet. It is all very scary stuff, they have many tools to help keep us stupid, and numb to whats really going on in our politics behind the scenes, that rob us of our freedoms and liberties. Video games, like the music industry, is one of those tools. I am going to show you some games from our past, that have been wildly successful. Yes I will admit they are great games, but for some strange and unknown reason, they have these controversial, yet powerful symbols within the game all over the place. To me that kind of hints at where their agenda really lies when creating this software. Did one of the game developers at ID Software, EA sports, or Blizzard Entertainment actually sell their soul to the devil? Let me show you some evidence I have found...

These 2 screen shots are from the extremely popular Doom series created by ID software in 1993. ID software has many symbols in their games that Christians would consider satanic. They have the inverted cross, burning pentagrams, and goat heads symbolic of Satan himself. I know people out there are thinking oh, I'm atheist so none of this stuff really matters. Wrong. They could have been successful without the use of these symbols. Who told them to add them in? These symbols are triggers for your subconscious. They are powerful on many levels. Many years ago mothers were angry with ID Software because they said Doom was too violent. Did any of them see the countless devil/demonic references? Are there that many people that just don't believe in God anymore? Why would ID Software stir the pot and not only make their game the most violent game of its time, but also add the most references to satan or the devil. This was way before the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) that rated games that were age appropriate for children. ID Software sold billions of copies of Doom all around the world. In many different languages, becoming a quick favorite of every 13 year old around the world with a 386 or better computer. I was one of those kids. We are the generation that remembers.

ID Software after being so successful with their Doom series with both Doom, and Doom 2 versions, decide to make a new series, Heretic. I was still quite young when I would play this on my uncle's computer, because he was the "cool uncle" , I could do so without my parents permission, and check out the violent games. I took advantage and we played Heretic till 3am some nights. I remember being scared of the demonic entities, and the strange symbols that were found throughout the game. That did not stop me or my uncle from being completely overwhelmed and wanting to see what was at the end of this computer game. We fought and fought our way threw and to this day the images stick in my mind. Heretic was another big hit for ID Software. Did they do this by making a game that was less violent or satanic? No. This time they upped the ante. They made a game that was even more so against ones religion. To be a heretic would mean you were committing heresy, which basically means the denouncing of your religion. I could not believe that this game, despite all the controversy from the Doom series, a 12 year old kid could pick up at their local software store. These games were successful for a reason.

And then there was Hexen, and Hexen 2. Following the Heretic series these games were probably the most satanic. They had strange symbols and even had ties to Egyptology, and Biblical references. In both Doom and Heretic there was a "God mode" where if you typed in this cheat code, you would be invincible. In Hexen they changed all that. Now you directly typed in "SATAN" in the game, and you were like God, invincible. Was this another way these game creators were instructed to infiltrate our brains by the devil himself? Who was telling them to add this in the game? More importantly did they sell their soul to be successful? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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August 18, 2011

Kanye West: Heartless Music Video - Subliminal Messages Decoded

We already know that Kanye West is a Freemason. We know this because of music videos like Power, and secret handshakes that people have caught him doing with Jay-Z and Nas. Jay-Z has even done a song with Rick Ross that is called 'Freemason'. This is a proven fact. I want to talk about one of Kanye West's music videos called 'Heartless'. I have found a number of hidden and secret messages throughout this video that many people I believe have overlooked. Even though this video seems harmless, it obviously hints to the fact that the elite power structure that runs our planet is in the know about some catastrophic event, that could potentially cause the deaths of billions of people. I would also like to note that the cartoon style used in this video was made before by Tupac Shakur, with the song "Do For Love". Notice how just the 2 titles of the song are completely opposite of each other. Tupac's last album was Killuminati before he died. Here is Tupac's video Do for Love if you are interested.

I know this isn't exactly the best quality but times were different in the time of Tupac and the computers were obviously not as powerful. I just thought this was interesting right off the bat. Now lets get into what actually is inside the video...

Now this song has nothing to do with canned food. I am sure Campbell's soup did not need a plug from Kanye West. With all of the conspiracy theories going around these days people are storing more and more food right now. Soon canned food will become a form of currency and will be highly desired in a end of the world scenario. Why Campbell's soup though? I think because the Campbell's company is also one of the richest companies and is definitely influenced by a secret society or fraternal order. Think of the silent monopoly Campbell's Soup actually has in all of our supermarkets. Also notice that all of the Cs in the above picture display "666".

Now you see a storage container possibly for the soup? It also has the checkerboard symbolism that every Freemason loves, and that is inside every single Freemasonic lodge. The colors of the case are also Louis Vuitton. You better believe they are another big company with big money with their high end products being sold all over the world, and being pushed by rappers of all kinds. Why show a storage trunk in this scene? Is Kanye trying to tell us that it might be a good idea to store canned goods and other food? It is definitely a possibility.

Now this woman is ducked down by the chest and covering her ears. What are the inspirations for this scene? Is something going on outside? Can she hear explosions? People screaming? Why is she so scared? Very interesting stuff.

Kanye has done a song called Flashing Lights, and in this video the giveaway that Kanye West knows something about the coming disasters that are about to plague our planet is the flashing lights in this video. Notice all the lights in this image. I know its kind of hard to see but you can see "Paranoid Place", and "Love locked down lane". This is also accompanied by a police logo, that I think symbolizes a policed state with your love locked down, and only the paranoid, are getting the real news.

Here you see "Nightmare Lanes", "Eartless" (which could mean Earth-less), and Robocop. Also you can see "THE VISION" written on what seems like a government building built by the establishment. You can also see Drugstore. Now lets get to what all these could mean. I think that a nightmare is coming for all of us. We being not in the know don't actually know exactly what it could be, but apparently Kanye West does. As far as Earth-less goes I'm wondering if that could mean destruction by a planetary body, causing either a pole shift, or just a huge collision with Earth. The Vision obviously stands for the New World Order. You can also see the word "Winter" twice in this scene. What does he mean by cold winter? Could we be looking at a possible nuclear winter from nuclear fall out? Are we looking at some kind of real ice age type of event? Who knows. Notice whats very close to Paranoid Place....a drug store. Thats what the elite want, you to take their prescription drugs (billion dollar industry) and turn you into a vegetable, so that you cannot fight to survive. Only the strong survive.

Please play this video yourself and see if you can notice any more subliminal messages designed to enter our subconscious. This has really begun to interest me. It has so many clues, if you are quick enough to catch them. Please leave comments and let me know what you think or find. I hope you have enjoyed my decoding of Kanye West's music video 'Heartless'.

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August 4, 2011

Britain's Monarch Programme, Project Mannequin, and David M.

Dave M is supposedly some sort of whistle blower that is revealing a connection between MI6 and other black ops government agencies/programs with ritual satanic child abuse, mind control applications, non-human life forms, and extra terrestrials. He was even a victim in the program Britain calls “Super Soldiers”. At first this guy is a little hard to understand, and he fumbles a lot. Remember though, he has been through some serious trauma, and has gone through hypnosis and other methods to wipe certain things from his memory. He says though, as he gets older some of these memories start coming back to him. Project Mannequin is supposedly the original code name for this project, and it was released in Britain's newspapers. I believe all of this wicked mind control, and ritualistic killings took place in some degree. Its like the people involved in Project Mannequin were molding together both vast scientific knowledge along with vast occult or mystery school/religion practices. Is there really an active base in Somerset near Taunton in England that actively practices mind control and occult practices on unwilling men, women, and children? That is a good question. There have been many allegations of this being true, and no press or media coverage despite efforts to contact the local news in the area. High ranking people know whats going on, and some don't. All they really need to know is they are to distract from that issue in the main stream media. Our media does it here in the United States. There are 2 methods to move on to the next issue, one is to offer up some obsurd explanation that we are supposed to be spoon fed, so that other mindless sheep can use it in their arguments around the world, and the other method of diversion is simply act like it doesn't exist. This I believe is what is occurring in England.

There is a famous case in England about a poster girl named Candy Jones. Notice that her name is very generic. Like most stars and celebrities now days, they change their name to be more simple, or have more punch like a sales advertisement. This is actually exactly what your name is. Its your brand. Famous people have been changing their name for years. What is the significance? Well Candy Jones was involved in a sort of mind control experiment to deliver messages from one secure location to the other. The black ops in 2 different countries instead of printing documents, or talking over the wire about their illegal activities would have a person like Candy Jones who was a very beautiful model, to fly from one place to another. This wouldn't be strange right? Not for someone like Candy Jones. She had been mind controlled she thought she was just having a cup of tea with someone on 1 side, when she was really getting hypnotized and would get a message embedded into her subconscious so she could fly to another secure location and bring it over to that side, where through some type of hypnosis, they would be able to extract the encoded message in her brain with trigger words. Now because this message was not only encrypted but also in her own subconscious she was not even aware of this process. She could have been tortured, or pressured to give out this secret encrypted info, but she did not know she had any information at all. This information could have never been extracted from Candy Jones unless you know the trigger words. This is very interesting stuff. This is the type of knowledge and power black ops officers in most large countries actually have. Governments keep secrets. They have to for national security right? You don't have to be smart to know that its in a lot of movies. I have already spoke in previous posts about the hidden subliminal messages in Hollywood. Its all over my blog.

Lets continue with Mr. David M. though. The video I am about to show you is actually a statement by David M. it contains serious allegations and claims to some weird stuff. It speaks of agencies that really do not have any regard for human-beings at all. Especially if they aren't contributing or helping them in some way. Like being a “super soldier”, or a hip/hop superstar (cough) Jay-Z (cough).

David does not just have testimonial, and accounts of what happened, but he also has weird implants. He speaks of alien symbiotes similar to how the suit of Venom was an alien organism. This is all pretty weird. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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July 20, 2011

The Truth about The Freemason Pope Benedict

I don't know what you think, but to me this Pope Benedict looks very evil and sinister. Just looking at his smile is creepy to me. I have found this video on YouTube and it is undeniable. That is definitely a fellow craft masonic handshake. Is the catholic faith really infiltrated by the Freemasonic brotherhood or fraternity?

You be the judge. People don't shake hands like this, not unless you are in Rockafella Records, or work for the Disney channel. Here is a picture of catholic cardinals doing the Nazi salute. This is despicable. Thou shall not kill? Yea right.

Lets not forget that the Nazi regime was practically approved by the Vatican. Not to mention the Crusades, and the inquisition. They even approved the viscous slaughter of native Americans, and deemed them as pagan devil worshipers. Very interesting. The Mayans and other native people had vast knowledge that we still do not comprehend today. Sure we have snippets of information, but everything else was destroyed with approval from the Vatican. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

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July 7, 2011

Facebook, Zynga and The Freemason Plan for World Domination

Facebook is growing at a very fast and exponential rate. They are a force to be reckoned with in the Social Networking game. They draw people in to their world, and then instantly you are updated with your friends every single move, games to play, and status updates of your favorite companies and destinations. Everything is becoming easily shareable and in some cases this can be a good thing, but when does it become bad? When do you not use networks like this because you know it is being easily searched by the government and other people of power to violate your privacy. We already know that happens every day on the phone with the Patriot Act, but Facebook is easily search able because everything is text. Everything stays in the database for years so that it can be pulled back up at a later date. I wonder how many people realize this? Microsoft has purchased Skype recently and is going to team up with Facebook so that Facebook can offer video chat right on the page. Are you going to take Facebook's word for it and believe that your video chat session isn't stored on their server? Don't be naive.

Lets talk a little bit about how Facebook gets you to stay engaged and hooked on its services. They have released an SDK or Software Development Kit so that companies can develop applications that use your Facebook information and friend data so that you can play games, take quizzes, or even share funny stuff on your wall. At the beginning, this feature seemed harmless and it had a lot of bugs. Thats when the big Facebook game boom came. Everyone and their mom was playing on Farmville, Mafia Wars, Frontierville, and they don't just play these games, they become addicted. Dr. Phil has done a show about a mother that could not stop playing Farmville. Dr. Phil eventually tells her to grow a real garden. The way these games take over your life is very interesting. I can only think of one major Facebook game company (Zynga) that has made it a point to develop these overly addictive games so that you cannot stop playing, and in some cases purchase virtual money with real money. Not only are these companies raking in major profits from their games that funnel money out of you, but they keep you on Facebook so that you can be flooded with ads, and keep you active with your friends. I have done months of research playing these Zynga games on Facebook and I found some very strange symbolism in them and subtle clues that point to a New World Order, global corruption, and even to the Freemasons. I will now show you some of the screen shots I have collected and let you decide for yourself. Why would they need to put this in any game? How are these games instant hits worldwide? This shows you just how easily the global elite can infiltrate your mind. Make sure you click on the screen shots to zoom in.

Above is a picture of the game Mafia Wars created by Zynga and shows how the company uses little clues to affect your subconscious. Usually when you see one eyed symbolism, no matter what you call it, is often used to describe the Freemasons. The Freemasons have used the one eye, or "The Eye of Providence", or "The All-Seeing Eye" for a very long time. The uninitiated like myself, don't really know the true origins of the eye, but usually historically we usually tie it back to either the Eye of Ra, or the Eye of Horus in ancient Egypt. They use these magically charged symbols to increase the popularity of this game some how. This is just one example, and there are many more that you can find on your own.

Here is another picture from Mafia Wars that has a job title of "Swear An Oath of Vengeance" usually when you swear an oath and are wearing a suit, you are taking the Oath as a Freemason, and are being initiated into their fraternity. This can't be a coincidence and shows that whoever created this game is aware of such oaths, and is trying to come up with ideas to keep the user engaged. Very strange stuff.

On top of multiple levels of corruption showed in this screen shot as a reward for the final job I received a matchbook from a Las Vegas casino called Giza. I think the pyramid symbolism and Egypt ties found in this game is astonishing. I cannot believe how in your face some of this symbolism is. Could this be why people get so addicted? What is Zynga doing to our minds?

Vampire Wars is yet another Facebook game created by Zynga. This game also has a very high amount of ancient and powerful symbolism. In this screen shot you see a picture of the Sun God. Based on my knowledge Christianity and Catholicism can be linked to sun worship. According to Freemasons they worship the light bringer. Some people know the light bringer as Lucifer. What is it you believe? Many civilizations throughout history have worshiped the sun because it brings life. What could Zynga be doing with this strange type of symbolism and why is it in a Vampire game? Also notice the Vampire on top is doing some more one eye symbolism.

In this screen shot what is important to notice is that the lightning bolt has 2 bolts. The 2 lightning bolts used in such a way are linked to Satanism. The Nazis used this symbolism in the formation of their SS. Also Metallica has used this symbolism in their logo. Why do you think Zynga used 2 lightning bolt instead of just 1? After all, the name says Lightning Bolt, not Bolts.

If you are interested in more symbolism and occult images then I recommend you play any Zynga game. They all have the symbolism. The real question is what do these symbols mean to you? How do they effect our decision making, mood, and even well being? Why are people so addicted to these Zynga games, and why does it consume their life like a drug? People think that they are safe from companies controlling their life through subliminal messages because they don't listen to main stream music, and they don't watch TV. You should be smart enough to know that in this day and age, they control your lives through all facets of your digital life as well. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Dr. Phil talks about Zynga's Farmville Addiction

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June 28, 2011

Comet Levy Could Destroy The Earth On January 1, 2012


I have seen the movie 2012 and I will admit the date of 2012 has a significance in everyone's mind and not just because of that movie. The Mayans and other civilizations have predicted that 2012 is the end date for our Earth. Many people argue that it is not the end, but just the beginning of a new age, or cycle. I have believed that this could also be true. However, I have done some research on the coming comet Elenin and have been observing its path on the website (I will include links below), now I am beginning to realize that 2012 could really be the end of Earth as we know it. Are you prepared for what I am about to share with you?

Many people have been talking about comet Elenin on conspiracy websites like this one, and conspiracy forums. For a long time people thought that comet Elenin was going to come into contact with Earth, and be the end of civilization. If you go to NASA's website however, they try to debunk all of this information by showing you a diagram of Elenin's path that clearly looks like it misses Earth. Conspiracy theorists still think though that because Elenin is getting closer to Earth we are having more and more natural disasters, like earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. On September 11th 2011 comet Elenin will be closer to Earth than it ever has been. This however is not the most serious comet you should be worried about. There are 2 more comets that take a more serious path of destruction, and if you think comet Elenin is the closest comet we have to worry about you are seriously mislead.

The next comet I want to talk about is comet Honda. Comet Honda seems to be the closes to Earth on August 17th 2011. This is a much closer date than 2012. Who knows what kind of destruction this thing could cause. According to the NASA website the comet will pass on the underside of Earth's orbit, but it will pass directly underneath! Could this cause a pole shift? Remember no one knows the size of these comets, and they aren't being talked about in main stream news. Usually we don't even hear about the objects in space that come close to Earth, because scientists just aren't sure if they are going to make contact, and they don't want to cause panic. This is crazy, and I think everyone has the right to know. This is why I have done a lot of research on these space bodies. The definition of a comet is just an ice ball hurled most likely from the Oort cloud  and usually gets pulled in by the star of a solar system, which in our case is our sun. This is why all of the comets seem to be moving in the direction of the sun. They are being pulled in by its gravitational pull. The longer the tail is on a comet the closer it is to the sun. What bothers me is that we have not seen any real pictures of these objects from NASA or any other space organization. This worries me, for 2 reasons. One reason is because these things could possibly not even be comets. The other reason is if these things are big enough, they could have a significant gravitational pull of their own, and throw Earth's alignment out of whack, and we could possibly have a pole shift. Not to mention if these “comets” DO make contact with Earth we could be looking at an extinction level event similar to what happened to the dinosaurs.

The third and final comet that was found is comet Levy. If you ask me, comet Levy directly corresponds to the Mayan end date of 2012. Whats weird is how dead on the actual date of January 1st 2012 actually is. If you check out the NASA links below you will see that directly on the first day of 2012 comet Levy directly comes into contact with Earth! This is based on NASA's website. This has been on no news  station and no one wants to talk about it. 2012 really could mean the end of all civilization. The only people that have a chance are people that will be living deep underground. Even then however if the whole Earth floods, or continents shift, underground bases won't do the global elite any good. I don't care how secure they think they are. Especially when they want to get out and can't because they are now under thousands of feet of water. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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June 21, 2011

Wildfires Blaze Over Southern United States Because of Extreme Weather Conditions

[Source: Reuters]

Wildfires have run rampant through the southern part of the United States. It is an emergency situation and fire fighters from around the Texas area are all helping put out the flames. The fires have already burnt 511,000 acres which is a record for this area. They have even sent black hawk helicopters from San Antonio's Lackland Air Force base to help drop water and flame retardant chemicals. They have released a number of news stories already on the local channels that said many people have had to evacuate their homes, and many people saying this is the hottest, windiest, most dry weather we have seen here in Texas for a very long time. Everywhere around the world has been suffering from temperature changes. Now before you start thinking I am a global warming supporter, let me just tell you that I have a very open mind to all theories, and I am not supporting any or the other. Instead I just want to discuss the different possibilities why this weather could be the way that it is. This could even have to do with HAARP frequencies screwing with our ionosphere, or even could be the result of serious oil drilling occurring in Russia, which are some of the deepest oil wells in all of the world. One thing is for sure things are changing, and it doesn't only have to do with something as all encompassing as the phrase global warming. That term in itself I believe is made up so that you don't blame it on any certain thing, corporation, or person. The zombies just like to say "Oh its all because of global warming, and we need to stop pollution." -- Yes this is also in part true (because its obvious we need to stop pollution), but it is not the tell all reason why our planet is getting warmer and other natural disasters have been occurring. The whole phrase "global warming" is a joke. Think about it, their are variables in every line of code, all it takes is a few to break the whole program. We need to objectively think about the problem, before we start spitting redundant solutions that could possibly not even be the answer. Cutting down pollution is one problem. We have many problems. Some of these problems include natural disasters like volcanos erupting, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes all with record breaking destruction levels. Global warming is not our biggest issue. The Earth is changing and in most cases we as human beings are responsible. We need to start checking out the real agendas of some of these huge mega corporations like BP. You know I saw someone in Galveston handing out BP t-shirts? Are you kidding me? This is just an example of how corporations with mega money can manipulate the few, to manipulate the many. Just remember this article when you are watching the news and they are quick to tell you that a BBQ pit caused all of these acres to be destroyed. That is not the only reason. Certain individuals have altered our planet's variables, through corrupt governments and corporations. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

[Source: Texas Forest Service]

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June 1, 2011

Could New Found Rogue Planets be Alien Ships?

The picture above is courtesy of NASA and JPL-Caltech. The Associated Press has recently done a news article about an exciting new find of 10 'planets' in our solar system that do not follow a specific orbit around a star. By definition these bodies cannot be described as planets at all because a planet as defined by modern science are objects that orbit around a star. These rogue 'objects' do nothing of this nature. These rogue planets, as the Associated Press calls them, are in some cases larger than the planet Jupiter in our solar system. These rogue objects are baffling scientists around the world, and they ran calculations to estimate how many of these objects could possibly exist in the galaxy, and it could outnumber stars by a significant amount. These things could be a perfect cloaking device for a mother ship of sorts that can disguise itself rather cleverly by being an unexplained planetary object to onlooking civilizations like we here on Earth. I have already have done posts about the possible hollow and artificial moon. Could an advanced race be using the disguise of space objects as a base for their explorations and research? It is definitely a possibility, at this point anything is. There are people all over youtube that have been spitting lies saying that nothing can or has entered our solar system that even looks like a planetary body. Well I am here to say, that the Associated Press, and JPL disagree with all of you. Please leave comments and let me know what you think about these rogue objects.

MSNBC: Exciting Find Possible Planets Exist Without Orbits

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May 31, 2011

One Day We Could Be Facing A New Zombie Like Disease

Could we one day be facing a zombie like scenario where their is some sort of new contagious disease out their that turns people into flesh eating zombies? The Centers for Diseases Control or the CDC thinks its definitely something to think about because it deals with emergency response to a serious possible scenario. They have actually done a study and have done a blog posting about their findings. Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan thinks that we could all be in big trouble for obvious reasons. You don't need the CDC or Mr. Ali Khan to tell you that this is bad news. We have thousands of video games, and thousands of movies that speak of zombie take over like situations where you have to deal with yourself accordingly. I guess my whole thing is why have they done this study now? You can bet this won't be headline news. Why would the CDC think that this is important now? I mean we have the movies, we have the video games, but now the CDC is making an announcement saying that we are screwed? DUH! I hope this doesn't have to do with the radiation clouds that are coming out of Japan in Fukushima or the huge cracks, floods, and earthquakes that have been happening all over the world. This is very strange timing, and I guess I will take it with a little more than a grain of salt considering it's the CDC making such a post, and not just a simple blogger like me, or the likes of Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan. If you think that this is old news you are wrong, this was done very recently, and I know I haven't been on as much as I would have liked, but I got myself into a financial situation with taxes, so I haven't been able to post as much, I am sorry about that and no worries, the posts are coming I have been taking notes while I have been depressed and out of commission. Please leave comments and let me know what you think about this coming zombie apocalypse.

Fox News: CDC Warns Public to Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse

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May 25, 2011

Tornadoes Happening All Over the World - We Aren't in Kansas Anymore

This tornado season has been the worst the United States has seen in years. Its not just tornado alley as they call it in Oklahoma, its much worse than that. The tornadoes seem to be appearing out of no where and mostly only with a few moments notice. The world is changing, and every day we are seeing evidence through the wrath of mother nature. The flooding in Louisiana, earth quakes around the world, and now we have possible volcanic eruptions that could happen at any moment. The world has gone crazy. We as human beings have been doing so much lately to affect the world as a whole. Just think about it, no one knows what all that radiation being released from Japan will actually do to Earth in the long run. All we can do is wait, what BP has done to our ocean is also terrible. Who knows what the consequences are for dumping genetically altered bacteria into the water to try to degrade oil? Sure there are many scientists that claim to know, and wish to be know it alls, but what do they really know? Have we ever in the history of humanity ever attempted anything so foolish? With all these money hungry attempts to pump more oil, we could be doing this to ourselves all of this chaotic weather could be blamed on us. All the globalists think of is the bottom line. When do we draw the line? Will we ever draw the line? Now there is talk that some company wants to spend billions of dollars to drill into the center of the Earth. We have people dieing in other countries from hunger, riots being waged all over the middle east, and scientists want to dig another big hole? What is wrong with these people? Did they not see what happened to BP and the anguish they caused the residents that lived by the Gulf of Mexico? I wonder what hurricane season is going to look like. I pray for everyone that will be effected by these tragedies.

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May 9, 2011

Extremist Muslims Burn Egyptian Christian Churches - Why The Last War on This Earth Could Be a Holy War

There have been two Christian churches burned this weekend by ultraconservative extremist Muslims. They say that the reasoning behind this violence is because a Muslim man married a Christian woman, and was being held captive inside the church. This all stems from fighting in the name of religion. The Salafis (who are ultraconservative Muslims) marched on the streets Friday actually celebrating the life of Osama Bin Laden, and condemning the United States' operation that killed him. Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim extremist that took responsibility for the attacks on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon. Not that I believe this is 100% true, but it is public knowledge, and at any rate is considered fact by all sides of any religion in the world (how is this one of the only things that we can actually agree upon?). This really fuels the fire when it comes to Muslims and the Jihad. The Jihad is one of the 10 supposed duties of each and every Muslim and it actually translates into the word "struggle" this struggle comes in 3 parts. In one part Muslims say the mujahid (the people engaged in this struggle) are maintaining the Muslim faith, and in the second part, they are "improving" Muslim society. With the last struggle of the Jihad they are to defend the entire nation of Islam. I was born into Catholic tradition and most of my family (through our family tradition) is inherently Catholic and follows the Catholic faith. I however, am a free spirited free thinker, that knows that inherently all religions are flawed because they are based on either converting the other religious parties, or getting rid of them all together through blood shed. This I believe should be no part of anybodies religion. People deserve the right to worship as they see fit to the all mighty God or the grand architect of the universe. When do we draw the line? When does the worship of God become dangerous? When innocent blood is spilled because of religious beliefs. Here in America we have freedom of religion. I have nothing against any religion and I am not a violent person because I have true faith in not only God, but the good nature of people in general. It is through religion and radical groups, that this bloodshed will continue. I believe this is why the Freemasons have never deemed themselves a religious group. They realize that if they truly want to control the people, you have to do so collectively through all religions. We are separated by our faith. Freemasons and other secret fraternities and orders use that separation to divide and conquer. I believe that one day there will be a movement to a unified religion, but could this truly be the answer? Every religion is based on peace and love, yet there is always some prophet or other devout religious icon that insists violence is the only way. This is flawed. We have to move away from this kind of thinking. When will we ever be united? Catholics in their own way have been violent in the past through the inquisition, and the crusades. In no way should any peaceful religion turn to violence as the universal answer to the world's problems. This is how we will always be turned against each other.

Freemasons have ties to almost every prophet or renowned holy man of almost any religion. For example, the founder of the Mormon faith Joseph Smith's parents were known to be Freemasons and not only that many of the traditions and rituals of the Mormons actually come from the Freemasons. This is a fact. Could Joseph Smith have been an actual Freemason? Quite possibly, however Freemasons deny this. Joseph Smith (like Mohammed in the Muslim faith) is considered a prophet and was believed to have received messages from God himself through angels or "golden tablets" however you want to tell the story. My point is these religious prophets all have ties to Freemasonry and have further divided our way of life through religion. This causes fighting amongst ourselves, and we are always looking at the other side of the spectrum to place blame upon. It is never ourselves. The believers of said prophets that are spreading the false word of the one true God. My only problem with religion, is that it is used like a tool, much like politics to divide our common similarities, based on belief in these prophetic people that have died in anything but divine ways. Religion was the first form of politics. Think about this next time you decide you want to enter into a religious debate. Like speaking politics at your local bar, you are wasting your time. Followers of such faiths, hold on to it by a thread. They cannot be swayed. We can thank the inner workings of the Freemasons for this division. Scientology has also taken a strong hold on our American public, with multiple Scientology "churches" or "temples" in every single state in our United States.

Their founder, L. Ron Hubbard was initiated into the Ordo Templi Orientis or the OTO, who had many members who were Freemasons, including Jack Parsons from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory otherwise known as JPL. As you can see these so called prophets were just puppets of a grand scheme to further separate us on religious beliefs, while they themselves engaged in occult worship, and rituals that actually set us back to the times of Egypt, and Paganism or deity worship. These prophets also died very wealthy, because they had donations through their churches. Trust no one but yourself, go with your gut instinct. I believe every person on this Earth knows the difference between right and wrong, and we will all be held accountable for the choices we make. There is no right and wrong when it comes to religion, just right and wrong when it comes to our actions.

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May 5, 2011

Subliminal Messages In Britney Spears Video Till The World Ends

Britney Spears is another puppet of the New World Order agenda and is totally fully clicked in with a secret society that knows about world events that are kept secret. She has knowledge on things the globalists don't want you to know because they don't want to cause panic. Above you see a picture of Britney Spears doing the same picture that you have seen Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce, and Katy Perry do. Those aren't all of the artists that have done this shot, there have been many more including Justin Timberlake, who also coincidently was in the Mickey Mouse club with Britney Spears, and even dated her for a while. You can see above Britney Spears has on her right hand a tattoo of a pyramid. I think now that she has separated from Kevin Federline and has tons of bills to pay, she has sold her soul to the devil to make more money. Now all of a sudden she has huge music videos coming out that are outrageously popular on YouTube and I don't see that popularity going down any time soon. Britney Spears has recently done a song entitled "Till the World Ends", and its about the end of the world. Her lyrics are very strange but first I will show you some pictures of some of the key elements of her video. I will also include the video at the bottom of this article so you can see for yourself. Maybe you can catch things that I haven't.

In the video you get to watch one of the major cities on our Earth (hard to tell which one) go down in a blaze of asteroids or comets. There is also a lot of sun symbolism that you tend to find in a lot of these new music videos. I believe the use of the sun in this way to affect your mind subliminally is done so to show their allegiance to lucifer, or the light bringer. Even the freemasons have the all seeing eye, with the "rays of the sun" coming off of the eye. This is a very strange picture but it gets worse...

Here you see an asteroid or a comet smashing into multiple buildings on separate occasions throughout the video. Why does it have to be a comet? Could this be a warning of Comet Elenin, or maybe even Nibiru, or Planet X? I don't know why in this video they chose to end the world in this way, but I believe nothing is done by chance, and everything done in these videos is very intentional. It could be "wormwood" as they call it in the bible in the book of revelations. There are many things that this could represent but one thing is for sure, Britney Spears wants us dancing until the world ends. I'm sure thats what the globalists want too, so they can be safe and sound in their underground bunkers while we are left here to burn.

In this image from the video you see one comet, or asteroid not heading for Earth, but heading for the sun...Is this another clue to what she is trying to say within her subliminal messages? I wonder if comet Elenin, or another planetary body is going to come in contact with our sun? Could our sun be the reason why the Earth is destroyed? Who knows. Britney Spears or the people that produced her video, seem to have put these images here not by accident, but on purpose. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

Full Britney Spears Music Video: Till The World Ends

Here are the lyrics of this song:

[Britney Spears - Verse 1]

This Kitten Got Your Tong Tied In Knots I See
Spit It Out Cuz Im Dying For Company
I Notice That You Got It
You Notice That I Want It
You Know That I Can Take It To The Next Level Ba-by!
If You Want This Good Bitch
Sicker Than The Remix
Baby Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight


I Can't Take It Take It Take No More
Never Felt Like Felt Like This Before
C’mon Get Me Get Me On The Floor
DJ What You What You Waitin' For...


[Verse 2]

Watch Me Move When I Loose When I Loose It Hard
Get You Off With The Touch Dancing In The Dark
You Notice What I'm Wearin'
I'm Noticin' You Starin'
You Know That I Can Take It To The Next Level Ba-by
Harder Than The A-list
Next One On My Hit List

Baby Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight!


I Can't Take It Take It Take No More
Never Felt Like Felt Like This Before
C’mon Get Me Get Me On The Floor
DJ What You What You Waitin' For...



See The Sunlight
We Ain't Stoppin’
Keep On Dancing Till The World Ends
If You Feel It Let It Happen
Keep On Dancing Till The World Ends
Keep On Dancing Till The World Ends
Keep On Dancing Till The World Ends


See The Sunlight
We Ain't Stoppin’
Keep On Dancing Till The World Ends
If You Feel It Let It Happen
Keep On Dancing Till The World Ends

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May 4, 2011

Proof That The Goverment Sprays Poison via Chemtrails

The theory that the governments of all nations spraying chemtrails over the public is no longer a theory. There have been multiple eyewitness reports of these planes spraying this junk. Not only that there is a man in Arkansas that has collected the material that fell to the ground from multiple chemtrails in his area, and what he found was amazing. He left jars filled with water in his backyard after he noticed that the chemtrails were falling to the ground in a sort of a haze. He had the samples tested in a lab, and it had very high levels of barium. The fact that it was barium is interesting. Barium is known by many scientists and doctors to lower your immune system, and even cause stomach pain and high blood pressure. Could this be the main agenda? Possibly not, I think chemtrails exist so that the government can perform secret testing on the unwilling public without their knowledge. Does anyone remember the bird deaths in Arkansas? Could the bird deaths be directly related to the chemtrails that were being sprayed in the sky? Arkansas is not the only place that gets sprayed with chemtrails. I am also sure, that barium is not the only thing they are spraying to perform tests on the general public. Some cases of chemtrails in other states have been said to be directly related to H1N1 and the swine flu. This is where the whole subject of chemtrails really takes a turn for the worst. Could our government be experimenting on us without our knowledge? It is already public knowledge that the government uses chemtrails to modify weather. This is what our government did during the Vietnam war to make it rain "sideways" as Forrest Gump so eloquently put it in the movie 'Forrest Gump'. It rained for weeks. This was so that they could slow down the enemy and make it so that it was almost impossible to stay hidden in the wet, muddy jungle. This stuff is all very interesting and I implore people to do their own research on the chemtrail subject. This kind of thing is not going away any time soon, and it looks like the government has found a rather clever way to administer drugs, chemicals, and possibly airborne viruses all via the same delivery system. This whole thing is quite scary, and believe me, this is no conspiracy theory. Here is a video of the news report from the Arkansas man that found what the government has been really doing. Judge for yourself. I have also included the video about the Vietnam War and weaponized weather, or weather modification. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

Strange Substance Found in Chemtrail By Arkansas Man

Vietnam War Weather Modification

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May 2, 2011

Proof Obamas Birth Certificate is a Fake

Obama has recently released his long form birth certificate to the public so that he can try to put to rest all of the so called "rumors" that he is not born in this country. There is one problem though, his birth certificate that he released on the White House homepage is a fake document. Now not only is the President lying about his place of birth, but now he has committed fraud and falsified a government document. Don't believe me? Here is the video below that has someone looking at the raw image that was submitted to the public via the White House. The software he is using to analyze this image is Adobe Illustrator. Obama calls this situation silly and says we have more important things to worry about. The only thing silly here is how dumb he thinks the American public really is, especially in this digital age. He and the people involved didn't even go through the extra lengths to make it look more legitimate like the Associated Press has done by scanning the "fake" document, instead he submitted this half ass document that is in no way legitimate. Looks like Donald Trump was right. It is a fake, and Obama thinks now he can get people to believe him, and call anyone who says he is not born in this country a conspiracy nut. People saying that Obama was not born in this country have been saying it for 3 years now! What Obama has done is treason, and a felony. President Barack Hussein Obama is a liar. It took him 3 years to release a blatantly fake document. These accusations from the "birthers" that say Obama was not born in the United States, are absolutely true and its not new that people have been saying this. The reason for the fake document now is because of the public outing performed by Donald Trump. I thank Donald Trump for taking the side of reason with the birthers and now we have proof. Please share this article with everyone you know. If you need the link to share it here it is:

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May 1, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

Osama Bin Laden has been killed! FINALLY! That is all I have for now but it was just released. I will get back to you when I have more information. The research begins. Obama killed Osama.....funny this comes a year before the next presidential race. I wonder how many puppets are going to vote and try to re-elect Obama just on this premise. Doesn't this sound strange to you? I mean how long have we been looking for this guy and now the "savior" Obama comes in to take care of America's #1 bad guy just in the nick of time? Sounds fishy to me. It has been almost 10 years since the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


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April 29, 2011

The Hollow Earth Theory

The hollow Earth theory is nothing new. Many significant people in history have believed in the hollow Earth theory and have devoted their lives to finding openings that lead straight to a new Earth inside the Earth, that they believe, has a hidden civilization of super beings, that could even be reptilian. I am not saying I believe in the hollow Earth theory, I just figured I would explain a little about what the theory proposes and speculate on what could possibly be within our Earth waiting to be found. The above picture is the Earth as our science teachers described it in our Science class at school. This is obviously not exactly 100% proven. Why? No one has dug that deep because our modern drilling techniques could not drill in such temperatures especially when you get closer to the Earth's iron molten core. Recently Dr. Damon Teagle of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton England and Dr. Benoit lldefonse from Montpellier University in France have announced publicly that they plan on drilling a hole past the Earth's crust to gather samples from the mantle in the diagram above. This is particularly very hard to do. They say they want to drill the hole in the Pacific ocean because that is where the Earth's crust is most thin. Even though the crust should be thinner in such an area, they still have to dig through 5 miles of solid rock, and then they have to worry about extremely hot temperatures that would render most modern drill bits useless. The only reason why I could figure they would want to do this is to put the hollow Earth theory to rest. There are many dangers associated with digging such a hole. British Petroleum couldn't even dig a whole to tap in to an oil pocket without a huge disaster. This is going to take a lot of planning in order to pull it off. Lets also not forget the active earthquake areas of California that reside very close by. This could trigger a massive Earth quake or worse. This is the worst news from any scientist since the announcement of the Large Hadron Collider that set out to find anti-matter particles. The funding for this project will not be approved until sometime in 2018, hopefully we are still around to do such an experiment with all the problems our Earth faces already with unrest in the middle east, and global revolutions. The end is coming and it seems that we humans want to bring it about sooner rather than later.

Adolf Hitler was one of the big believers in the hollow Earth theory and even set out to the South Pole to find a natural opening in the Earth that leads to inside our hollow Earth. Did Adolf Hitler come in contact with advanced life right here on Earth? It has been theorized that the Nazis were in contact with an advanced race of beings and had helped in developing flying saucers and other high technology of the time. Many people that say this say that Hitler was in direct contact with an alien civilization. I guess my point is, what if Hitler was not involved with an alien race, but a super advanced terrestrial race that has lived beneath us since the beginning. As you can see from the above diagram the centre of gravity that holds us to Earth is actually closer than we think. Once you pass that center of gravity you are held in a different way to the inner walls of our Earth, and life exists because of a burning inner core sun that brings life to plants, animals, and even terrestrial advanced life forms. Many civilizations throughout history have claimed that reptilians live deep within our Earth and sometimes shoot out from the oceans with USOs and intermingled with man. An example of this theory is in the movie and book Journey to the Center of the Earth. In that story they encounter a race of advanced reptilian beings that are highly advanced. My biggest problem with this theory is, lets say there is an opening that leads to a new Earth inside our own, traveling there would be impossible. Once you are in the middle of the centre of gravity (as shown above) I believe you would be ripped apart. Even if we did find an opening. Anyways I just thought I would share the ideas of this theory and I would like to see if any of my followers have anything new to add that I may have missed. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.


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April 26, 2011

Reptilian Symbolism Found on US Military Patches and Other Governmental Organizations

Everyone knows about the reptilian conspiracy theory and about people such as David Icke that write about this material in his books. I try not to take a stance and say what I believe on the internet as much as I would like, because I would rather my readers do some more of their own in depth research and decide for themselves. I have done a lot of research myself recently about reptilian bloodlines and their ties to secret societies, and government agencies. I am not trying to promote anything that is anti-government, I am simply researching about this theory of reptilian beings whether they be from outer space, or our inner earth, that have possibly manipulated humanity since the beginning of our existance. This is a very brave accusation, and of course it is mostly speculation. Secret societies however do exist (that is not speculation), and I believe decisions are made that affect the world, that are not elected upon, except by the elite few that control countries through currency. I have done a lot of research into the symbolism of the British Royal Family, and I know that a lot of their coats of arms from the rich controlling families from around the world (including the Windsors, and the Rothschilds) have blatant reptilian or reptoid symbolism in them. For years people have looked to the sky in search for these reptilian or reptoid creatures, but what if they have existed under our earth for many years through the hollow Earth theory? One thing is for sure, the US Military on a number of their patches has plenty of reptilian/reptoid symbolism on them. I am not saying that everyone in the US Military or any other military is necessarily a bad guy. This may just mean that the higher echelon in the secret society sects that are also in the military and governmental bodies, may be in on a grand secret that keeps the reptilians secret. This could be in exchange for technology or who knows what else. In this article I will show you a number of military patches that I have found across the internet that have this symbolism. Maybe my fellow readers can help me break down what this all could mean. I understand that if there are a few patches, with dragons or reptiles, we can throw that up to just coincidence, but this isn't just a few patches. I have found many patches with this symbolism, and that is just what I found. I am sure there are plenty more floating around out there. Now let me show you some of the patches I have found...

So as you can see different military organizations from around the world keep the common theme, reptiles. Why would they do this throughout the years? They still have not changed this. It is very strange that these patches share that 1 similarity. Remember these are not all of the patches that the military uses that contain reptilian symbolism, there are many more, I just couldn't find them all. What do you think this all means? Could there be a secret reptilian bloodline that controls our planet after all? I have nothing against the military and I pray for our brothers and sisters we have lost. This is obviously something the global elite would know, not the common foot soldier. Please leave your opinions and comments below. Thanks for reading.

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