December 7, 2010

Deer Sees Ghost at Our Ranch Close to Deer Blind

This was sent in to us by one of our readers, very strange stuff. I wonder from what place and time this little girl could be from... Extremely cool photograph Philip, and please anyone else have a strange story to share? Send to

Philip from Texas writes: My dad goes out to the deer blind on a regular basis. We have setup motion cameras on the perimeter of our deer blind so that we can view the deer that feed remotely. Early in the morning around 5:00am, we saw something very strange, we picked up video of a buck, that was eating and became spooked by a ghost! This is very strange, and i'm scared of whats really out there on our lease. Could there be a bloody history here? This was shot in Mason, Texas and I am not sure what to make of it. If anyone knows anything that could help me figure out what this is, then let me know. This ghost was obviously not just visible from our remote cam, it was also visible to the deer that became spooked. It is a very strange picture and I hope someone can help me make some sense out of it with a logical explanation. I am afraid though that one does not exist. This is simply a ghost. There are no children that would be out at 5am, even in the cold of the morning before the sun is out. It was freezing that day, almost as if there could be ghosts all around us. Me and my dad did not see anything in real life, this is all the evidence we have of what the deer saw. Here is the picture, just looking at it sends shivers up my spine...

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