December 29, 2010

Alien Microchip Found in Napoleon's Skull

When scientists and doctors were examining the skull of Napoleon Bonaparte, they came across something obvious alien implant from an advanced civilization. This civilization was far more advanced than any civilization that existed during Napoleon's time. This microchip at first glance looks like the same type of microchip that we now use today to track our pets, and some even use in their children as a GPS tracking device. Where did this chip originate? Is it truly alien in nature? Or is it a result of time traveling by some of our top minds, that possibly went back to track Napoleon because they knew he would be an influential figure in our history. This finding took place in Paris France, and has many minds stumped. Dating tests have discovered that the chip must have been inserted into Napoleon Bonaparte's skull during his childhood. This makes the finding much more interesting. It also implies that whoever implanted this into his skull, knew that he would one day be very influential. I think this all needs to be further investigated, and we must make sure we know exactly whats going on, as it may still be going on today, with people that are highly influential in our society...This puts a whole new spin on the agenda of alien abductions. Now maybe we can look at alien abductions, and see who has been implanted, and see what the nature is of what they do on this Earth. They may possibly be the deciding factors on whether our human race continues to exist or not.

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