November 3, 2010

The Fast Food Conspiracy

There is a fast food conspiracy around the world. The biggest chain McDonalds can be found in all countries around the globe. They have menus in every single known language, and their food is filled with deadly poisons that are designed to not only keep you eating, but also to kill you. The food that is sold in fast food chains around the world is scientifically designed to not only keep you eating, but also to make you obese, and increase your portion sizes. There is no nutritional value in any of the leading food items that any of these chains actually sell. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup can be found in everything on the McDonalds menu except 7 items. I am not talking about menu items either, I am just talking about lettuce tomatoes etc...Usually though, people order these things on there hamburger so it really doesn't matter. People on YouTube have done at home experiments on McDonalds and other fast foods and found that you can leave it on your counter for months and it will never get moldy. This is not natural even the bread from your cupboard gets moldy if left out. Why doesn't the food from fast food chains get moldy? They are not made with your conventional ingredients, and everything has been altered with added sugar, MSG, and preservatives that keep the food ok for months. Artificial flavor enhancers like MSG make your food taste great, but there is one problem, it makes you obese and clogs your arteries. They have done a study with lab rats and gave them a heavy MSG based diet, and EVERY SINGLE rat became obese, and automatically started eating more of whatever it was they fed them with lots of MSG. This is why fast food chains love to use MSG it keeps you wanting more and more exponentially and you will eventually increase your portion sizes.

Another additive that they use a lot of is High Fructose Corn syrup. Much like sugar, this gives you a somewhat of a sugar high, and when it wears off you become dragged down. How do you fix it? Eating or drinking more High Fructose Corn syrup! This is a vicious cycle with very deadly consequences. This is the leading cause of diabetes in all of our countries. The worst part about it is not only are they adding these deadly additives to all of their food, but the end result of our fast food, is that it has NO nutritional value what so ever. So even though the stomach feels full you are actually not giving your body ANYTHING that it needs nutrient, and antioxidant wise. This is why you are hungry 2-3 hours later. I implore you to do more research on MSG, and this high fructose corn syrup situation. The Corn Refiners Association has made a smear campaign of ads that target people that mention high fructose corn syrup  as a reason to not eat this type of food because it is starting to hurt the corn refiners in their pockets. These ads are really stupid, and only someone that is truly a puppet of the media, would actually believe that this stuff is harmless...

Thank you for listening to my rant on fast food. Remember to check the ingredients of your favorite food products, and also do more in house cooking, and use natural organic fruits and vegetables so that you are able to get the nutrition you so dearly need. I hope everyone researches this topic, this is definitely a conspiracy and I feel that everyone has the right to know. Especially since the ones that are most likely to die, are the ones that eat this poison everyday. Not to mention the kids that are exposed to it more and more because of cheap tricks like happy meal toys, made in China. Thank you, Love and light. Please leave me comments and let me know what you think.

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  1. MAAAANN DUDE! That was deep. I really like your rant, since me and my family don't do high fructose corn syrup either. Thanks for that. I appreciate it.

  2. Thanks man I appreciate your comment, and thank you for reading!


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