November 23, 2010

Does the Government Stage Terror Attacks to Take Away our Freedom?

Let me start off by saying that Obama's Clinton advisors, have been openly saying that he needs some type of terrorist attack, or something to rival the scale of an Oklahoma City bombing, so that he can gain the support of the American people. These politicians really bank on the response to such terror attacks, and without an attack during his Presidency they are fully aware that people will not say he did a good job as a President this term. Remember the printer cartridges that they found that were sent in cargo planes? Well Obama had said that they were explosive materials and had cell phone parts etc. The reality? They were in no way explosive and this is asinine. They are trying to do this to justify the TSA naked body scanners. They did not expect the American people to have such an outright rebellion when it comes to being scanned naked. They know that if there is no "terrorist attack" then they can't point to the naked body scanners and say, "THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THEM! NOW GO GET SCANNED LIKE A GOOD AMERICAN" They told us that these scanners DO NOT save images. This is not true. Not only do they save images, but they keep them in a Government controlled database. This is all based on a response to terrorism. When the "shoe bomber" tried to do his failed attack, we never had to take off our shoes at the airport before. Now all of a sudden, its normal to do this. The crotch bomber, or underwear bomber, really paved the way for this naked body scanner. The point is a new attack, or attempt  at an attack is necessary to strip us of our freedoms and liberty, or even our right to privacy. This is totally unconstitutional and really needs to be addressed in a way where we can have our voice. We all know this is occurring, the US Government doesn't have to admit anything, the proof is already out there for all to see, if one does the correct research. This is called False Terrorism. Are we on the brink of a major attack that will hit the USA? If so this is a very scary time to be an American. Why? Because our Government is definitely partially responsible in one way or the other. Obama cannot leave the grip of that claim whatsoever. Glenn Beck on Fox News has been talking a lot about this kind of Staged Terror. I would keep a close eye on him. Alex Jones from, has stated that he has some inside information, that Glenn Beck is going to get fired for something big. Could this talk about fake terror be the cause? All of his New World Order anti-Government talk? We really need to wake up and rationally look at whats going on. This stuff has been going on since 9/11 and Geraldo Rivera has said on 2 separate occasions recently that it is not ridiculous to consider that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you.

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