November 23, 2010

Did The Sun Flip or Rotate in the Sky?

This is a live picture using the EVE camera from NASA. It is called Extreme ultraviolet Variability Experiment. If you would like to see the live image from this camera then check out the link at the bottom. It is November 2010, and just before the sun rotated in 360 degrees, it was struck by sometype of object. Could this be a comet, asteroid meteor, or maybe a moon from an arriving planet? Your guess is as good as mine. However, one thing is for sure the Sun did rotate 360 degrees. EVE is not the only camera that picked up on this rotation at the exact same time. The SOHO camera and the STEREO camera also picked up on this anomaly. I have never seen the sun do this. This looks to me like the sun had a pole shift right in front of our eyes. Does that mean there is a coming pole shift that will some day get to the Earth? I am not sure. There could be a number of things that caused this shift. Is there another planet headed in our direction like Nibiru or Planet X? This could have been one of the moons from the planet that impacted our sun and is now throwing off the poles of the sun. If Earth does have a pole shift, we are in really big trouble. That could mean the end of human kind as we know it. The Sun was done flipping in about 3 hours, and had done a full 360 degree turn. Obviously at the moment this hasn't affected us here on Earth, and I have read that the Sun does a regular pole shift every 11 years. What really bothers me is whatever struck the Sun right before it rotated. If there is another planet out there, and it has orbiting moons, then we have a lot to worry about. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think. I am not trying to cause panic, nor am I trying to spread Nibiru propaganda, this is something that just happened this month. I'm sorry if the truth scares you, it scares me too. Love and light.

References:  (EVE camera Data Feed)  (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory [SOHO])  (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory [STEREO])

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  1. On the 12th of October, they calibrate the hmi-Instrument:

    Here is a nicer viewer:

    Input the Date and take the purple telescope (211) and you will see, there is nothing special!


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