November 24, 2010

Are North and South Korea Fixing to Start World War 3?

North Korea has bombarded a border island called Yeonpyeong. This is near the huge city of Seoul. This has created a lot of tension between the 2 territories. The United States and South Korea are now planning war games for the possible retaliation of this attack in some way. Lets also not forget that North Korea is a nuclear nation and has been enriching uranium for several years now since 2006 or even earlier. Could this be the start of World War 3? These are very scary times because North Korea is the last Stalinist nation that has gone nuclear. This means they abide by the policies and governmental philosophy of Joseph Stalin, the old leader of the Soviet Union from 1922-1953. This is basically a rule of terror, and North Korea must be stopped. What cost is it to us though? Will the war one day reach our shores? There has not been a lot of coverage in mainstream news about these events, even though I feel these events are the most important. There is even talk that the missile launch that took place off the coast of California might indeed have been from North Korea, or their Chinese allies using a submarine. This doesn't look very good folks. Imagine how the people on the island of Yeonpyeong feel that were defenseless and were attacked by North Korea. They are greatly concerned about North Korea's intentions with this type of attack, as we all should be. This is just another example of how North Korea chooses to rule over people with fear. Now that the United States may get involved in a major way, there will be no turning back. What happens next will be the future of mankind. God help us all.

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November 23, 2010

Does the Government Stage Terror Attacks to Take Away our Freedom?

Let me start off by saying that Obama's Clinton advisors, have been openly saying that he needs some type of terrorist attack, or something to rival the scale of an Oklahoma City bombing, so that he can gain the support of the American people. These politicians really bank on the response to such terror attacks, and without an attack during his Presidency they are fully aware that people will not say he did a good job as a President this term. Remember the printer cartridges that they found that were sent in cargo planes? Well Obama had said that they were explosive materials and had cell phone parts etc. The reality? They were in no way explosive and this is asinine. They are trying to do this to justify the TSA naked body scanners. They did not expect the American people to have such an outright rebellion when it comes to being scanned naked. They know that if there is no "terrorist attack" then they can't point to the naked body scanners and say, "THIS IS WHY WE HAVE THEM! NOW GO GET SCANNED LIKE A GOOD AMERICAN" They told us that these scanners DO NOT save images. This is not true. Not only do they save images, but they keep them in a Government controlled database. This is all based on a response to terrorism. When the "shoe bomber" tried to do his failed attack, we never had to take off our shoes at the airport before. Now all of a sudden, its normal to do this. The crotch bomber, or underwear bomber, really paved the way for this naked body scanner. The point is a new attack, or attempt  at an attack is necessary to strip us of our freedoms and liberty, or even our right to privacy. This is totally unconstitutional and really needs to be addressed in a way where we can have our voice. We all know this is occurring, the US Government doesn't have to admit anything, the proof is already out there for all to see, if one does the correct research. This is called False Terrorism. Are we on the brink of a major attack that will hit the USA? If so this is a very scary time to be an American. Why? Because our Government is definitely partially responsible in one way or the other. Obama cannot leave the grip of that claim whatsoever. Glenn Beck on Fox News has been talking a lot about this kind of Staged Terror. I would keep a close eye on him. Alex Jones from, has stated that he has some inside information, that Glenn Beck is going to get fired for something big. Could this talk about fake terror be the cause? All of his New World Order anti-Government talk? We really need to wake up and rationally look at whats going on. This stuff has been going on since 9/11 and Geraldo Rivera has said on 2 separate occasions recently that it is not ridiculous to consider that 9/11 was a controlled demolition. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you.

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November 22, 2010

Obama Depicted as Hindu Deity Shiva on the Cover of Newsweek

Obama being heavily scrutinized already for all his actions as President, or failure to do the actions promised I should say, does something even more stupid. On the cover of Newsweek he and the editors felt that it was a good idea to depict him as a Hindu deity named Shiva. Indian-Americans are outraged over the matter, and say that he might as well said he was Jesus Christ in the flesh. Most people will look at this picture and be like OK...I don't get what the big deal is...It's just Obama juggling all of USA's problems on his many hands, that he wish he had. This is simply not true. If it showed Obama with ONLY 6 hands maybe I would agree, however it also shows Obama on one leg doing a very particular dance relating to the Hindu deity Shiva, in the manifestation of Lord Nataraja. This dance is very specific and is sometimes referred to as "The Dance of Destruction." Also notice the title of the issue "God of all things". Wow. Here is a picture of the Hindu deity Shiva doing the Dance of Destruction...

Don't pay attention to the arms on this, its obviously not in the same way that Obama does it, but its the footing thats important. If anything the Newsweek cover puts emphasis on the problems within the 6 arms. Why would they think this was a good idea to depict him in this way? I am extremely disappointed and I can't believe our President yet again embarrasses the United States by showing the world how arrogant we are by poking fun of religious images that are obviously important to many people. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

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November 19, 2010

Very Strange UFO Sighting in Garden Grove

I have found a very strange UFO video that isn't normal you see a lot of Government Officials and Police that are ordering people to clear the road as they make room for VERY heavy machinery. They use a loud speaker to do this. The police are very rude, and do not want anyone close. There is even a part where you see the police officers wearing masks as though they are dealing with something thats radioactive, or a biological weapon of some type. Is this really going on in all of the cities of the world? Please comment if you have seen anything like this, this situation has really sparked my interest. Share this video with as many people as you can, so that we may inform people. THIS IS NOT A FAKE VIDEO....Prepare to be amazed. Now for the video...

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November 17, 2010

Geraldo Rivera Sides with 9/11 Truthers after Telling Them to Get a Life

Geraldo Rivera has recently started siding with 9/11 truthers because of the overwhelming evidence that Building 7 was a controlled demolition. He obviously is changing stances on the issue based on who knows what. He is a tool of the New World Order. He obviously does biased reporting on issues that have been displayed on his teleprompter. He is forever labeled a hypocrite based on these 2 videos. I remember when people that believed that building 7 was a controlled demolition were labeled as crazy people. Now all of a sudden its main stream news. This is absolutely ridiculous. Geraldo Rivera loses all credibility and is juvenile at best. Here is another video of him telling 9/11 truthers to get a life. While he is doing this, he is reporting on asinine issues that have no relevance to anybody, while the real issue of the time, is 9/11 and building 7. Notice how he is quick to rub them off as psychopaths when in all actuality, he is the one that is delusional. I hope this opens the eyes of many individuals that think they are getting the truth from mainstream news. He is talking about absolute rubbish and avoiding the real issue, and is even in denial. Go to hell Mr. Rivera...

Maybe next time you will do some research instead of believing the lies that you are told by your superiors. Power to the people. Please leave comments.

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November 8, 2010

Disney's Occult Roots with Racist, Sexist and Sexual Innuendos

Since the beginning of Disney cartoons and movies there has been a lot of talk about how they may have been participating in the distribution of hidden messages. Some of these messages are subliminal and/or placed in the finished product so that only your unconscious mind picks up on them, but many other messages are plainly in your face for you to fully understand, and even form your belief systems around.


This is a compilation of Disney clips taken from a number of different Disney movies and cartoons that portray very racist ideals, keep in mind that none of this imagery is subliminal and is very blatant. The early Walt Disney and company were very racist. You could make the argument that much of America was that way too in the 1940s (when Fantasia was created), however Disney is still supported today and still shows racist, satanic, and even womanizing innuendos throughout all of their productions.


Disney has thrown a lot of Satanic imagery in a lot of their productions as well. Above is a clip from Fantasia, and the production was called "Night on Bald Mountain" It is the only Disney film to show the Devil in his most accurate form. This however, is still not the only reason why Disney has been deemed a Satanic organization. Check out YouTube for more clips on the subject. I just thought this one was very interesting. It even shows the naked female body for everyone to see. This is very interesting. I know this is art, and is extremely well done, but lets remember people have bitched about less, and somehow Disney is immune to this criticism? Don't be naive.


Sexism is used in a lot of Disney works. Like in Beauty in the Beast, the Beast plays a very abusive character, yet Belle hangs around and takes the abuse, in hopes the Beast will change. Is this what Disney wants to teach the young woman and children of America? Girls watch this with open eyes and ears. They hang on every word. A single Disney movie teaches our youth more than a single year in high school. Its amazing the kind of stuff, that is presented in each production. I hope I haven't offended anybody, a lot of my family still watches a lot of Disney movies, but more research should be done in not only current works of Disney, but also previous. This is all very strange. Please leave comments below. Love and Light.

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November 3, 2010

The Fast Food Conspiracy

There is a fast food conspiracy around the world. The biggest chain McDonalds can be found in all countries around the globe. They have menus in every single known language, and their food is filled with deadly poisons that are designed to not only keep you eating, but also to kill you. The food that is sold in fast food chains around the world is scientifically designed to not only keep you eating, but also to make you obese, and increase your portion sizes. There is no nutritional value in any of the leading food items that any of these chains actually sell. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup can be found in everything on the McDonalds menu except 7 items. I am not talking about menu items either, I am just talking about lettuce tomatoes etc...Usually though, people order these things on there hamburger so it really doesn't matter. People on YouTube have done at home experiments on McDonalds and other fast foods and found that you can leave it on your counter for months and it will never get moldy. This is not natural even the bread from your cupboard gets moldy if left out. Why doesn't the food from fast food chains get moldy? They are not made with your conventional ingredients, and everything has been altered with added sugar, MSG, and preservatives that keep the food ok for months. Artificial flavor enhancers like MSG make your food taste great, but there is one problem, it makes you obese and clogs your arteries. They have done a study with lab rats and gave them a heavy MSG based diet, and EVERY SINGLE rat became obese, and automatically started eating more of whatever it was they fed them with lots of MSG. This is why fast food chains love to use MSG it keeps you wanting more and more exponentially and you will eventually increase your portion sizes.

Another additive that they use a lot of is High Fructose Corn syrup. Much like sugar, this gives you a somewhat of a sugar high, and when it wears off you become dragged down. How do you fix it? Eating or drinking more High Fructose Corn syrup! This is a vicious cycle with very deadly consequences. This is the leading cause of diabetes in all of our countries. The worst part about it is not only are they adding these deadly additives to all of their food, but the end result of our fast food, is that it has NO nutritional value what so ever. So even though the stomach feels full you are actually not giving your body ANYTHING that it needs nutrient, and antioxidant wise. This is why you are hungry 2-3 hours later. I implore you to do more research on MSG, and this high fructose corn syrup situation. The Corn Refiners Association has made a smear campaign of ads that target people that mention high fructose corn syrup  as a reason to not eat this type of food because it is starting to hurt the corn refiners in their pockets. These ads are really stupid, and only someone that is truly a puppet of the media, would actually believe that this stuff is harmless...

Thank you for listening to my rant on fast food. Remember to check the ingredients of your favorite food products, and also do more in house cooking, and use natural organic fruits and vegetables so that you are able to get the nutrition you so dearly need. I hope everyone researches this topic, this is definitely a conspiracy and I feel that everyone has the right to know. Especially since the ones that are most likely to die, are the ones that eat this poison everyday. Not to mention the kids that are exposed to it more and more because of cheap tricks like happy meal toys, made in China. Thank you, Love and light. Please leave me comments and let me know what you think.

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