September 21, 2010

The Vatican In the Spot Light on CNN News

The Vatican has been in the news this month September 2010 like never before. Not on all outlets mind you, but on stories are running rampant. Let me give you a run down on what is happening. The Vatican bank has been put on the hot plate, because the Bank of Italy is building a case against them because they are not following the proper tracking of money that is required by the European Union. They are being accused of money laundering and the Bank of Italy would like a probe of all there financial records to prove this fact. The Vatican response is that they have always followed protocol, and others are not so sure.  "The Vatican Bank is the most secret bank in the world", says Jeffrey Robinson, "There is no way to find out how much money it controls." This I believe is a very accurate assessment. The Vatican state operates very similar to Washington D.C., which makes it a sovereign state more like its a small country of its own similar to our Washington D.C. What I found most interesting is that CNN has reported, that an effort by holocaust survivors to sue the Vatican Bank failed in 2009 when a United States court ruled that the Vatican Bank had "sovereign immunity" and was not subject to lawsuits filed in the United States. This sounds like nonsense to me did the United States government just say they aren't going to help Holocaust survivors, because the Vatican is immune? That in itself sounds like a cop out...And the Vatican's official response to the law suit? None of course. No need to say anything incriminating right? This is ridiculous. No response? This is just too weird...but wait there is more...

British officials feel as if the Pope should have done more about the sexual abuse scandals that rocked the catholic community and there is overwhelming support for this idea. Instead of being more vigilant in addressing these corrupt clergy members and what they have done, it seems there has been more effort in covering up these outrageous crimes. Did the Pope know more than he is saying about these sexual abuses performed by his clergy members in secret? Only he knows and he isn't talking....or is he? The Pope has only visited Britain once before, and never by invitation of the Queen. The last time a Pope visited Britain was in 1982, with Pope John Paul II. The visit by Benedict is considered the first state visit by a Pope to Britain by invitation of the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II shook hands with the pope at the palace in Scotland, near Edinburgh. The Palace of Holyroodhouse, but what is really strange is before they sat down they allowed the military marching band to play the National Anthem "God Save the Queen", in which the pope removed his white cap. I have never seen him do this before, and it struck me as rather odd. Then they continued to have a "private meeting" of there own, with no presence of the media, and no official announcement about the sexual abuse cases. Who is in allegiance to who here? Who is really in control, this arises so many more questions for me than it actually answers. Yet the catholic followers in the area that welcomed the Pope's arrival say it was a "happy day" and was a "great honor"....Are people really that blind? Does this have to do with the accusations being made against the Vatican Bank's years of money laundering....It is very hard to tell how and why all these stories are related.... September of 2010 continues to have the Vatican in the spotlight, and there actions, in no way explain the true nature of what they are really doing. Just so you know these stories come straight from CNN in the month of September, I have provided links below so you can see where I got the facts from that are in this post. My opinion is my opinion, but these stories, and sequence of events, I find is very interesting, and I wonder how the Vatican will handle all this pressure in the end. Thank you, and please leave comments, I love getting reader feedback.


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