September 7, 2010

Book Review: The Red Pyramid

I heard about this book originally from Amazon's recommendations. I went to the Borders here in San Antonio, and I don't know if its coincidence or some strange synchronism of what I have been reading and writing about on this blog, but I somehow got an autographed copy from his book signing he did at our Borders location in the Quarry. There were only like 15 left, so i bought one. This is by the same author that wrote the Percy Jackson series and I loved Percy Jackson very much. I would not compare this book to his latter Percy Jackson series....This is a very interesting book...He even admits in the authors note that the "House of Life" or an ancient school of Egyptian magic could still exist today...Are these the Freemasons? They have many guarded secrets and some even go as far back as ancient Egypt.

Lets get into what this book is about though. This book has 2 main characters, Carter, and Sadie Kane. Carter is of African American, or Egyptian descent and travels the world with his father, who is a very well known Egyptologist, and studies all the ancient sites. Carter hates traveling and has been home schooled all his life. His sister, Sadie lives with her grandparents and got custody over her after a mean court battle with her father who wanted to keep them both. Carter and Sadie get to see each other once a year, and they hate when people say they are not related. Sadie has more fair skin and blonde hair that she usually dies with streaks of some other type of color. Sadie is a spitfire that usually tells you like it is. She hated living with grandma and grandpa, and was very jelous of Carter who got to travel the world with his father. Carter did not have it easy though...He spent most of his time sleeping in very old hotels, and strange places all around the world. Everything goes wrong with the last time Sadie and Carter get together. There father tells them he wants to take them to the British Museum on Christmas Eve. Sadie didn't like the idea one bit, and neither did Carter. When they got there the British museum was closed and they got a special tour by the night guard, who knew Carter's father very well....So he led them straight to the Egyptian exhibit where Carter, and Sadie's father asks to see the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone is an old stone tablet that writes in Egyptian hieroglyphics first, and then writes the same thing in Greek, and in other languages. This was the key for all Egyptian explorers that wanted to learn Hieroglyphics. When they got to it, there father says "Its time we set things right", he whips out an old Egyptian wand from his work bag, and there is a terrible explosion inside the museum....He unleashes all the Gods of ancient Egypt. I can't tell you anymore or i would be giving away the story. This is a great book to read, and I believe it tells a grand story, that has been hidden from the public for a very long time. Did this really happen? Is the modern day House of Life really a description of the modern day Freemasons? Are they the House of Life now? This book is very interesting and I recommend anyone pick it up and read it. They even talk about the Washington monument obelisk and many other things that we cannot explain, but still exist in our real world. Thank you for reading please let me know what you think of this book if you have read it. They even mention I-10, the highway I take all the time that connects San Antonio and Houston. This book is very strange, and i believe it is more fact than fiction, and im sure the names have been changed to hinder further research.

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  1. damn man thats some crazy insight on this kind of world, thanks for the posting now i got to find the book and read it im interested on what happens when he unleashes this entities


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