September 23, 2010

Glee Hidden Subliminal Messages and Esoteric Meanings

Don't get me wrong I think Glee is not a bad show, and the music that is performed is extremely well done, and they deserve a lot of credit for all the hard work that they put into the show. However, with the Lady Gaga episode I found tons of symbolism, and deep esoteric meaning while watching. I know Lady Gaga has been in the spot light, and has been accused of everything from being a transvestite, to being an all out satanist, with very deep satanic roots, and even being accused with being intermixed with the Secret Order of the Illuminati. She continues to push the limits, and the censors in every video that she produces for MTV. In this episode of Glee it starts out with the principle scolding the Asian girl for dressing too Gothic, and explains the "twilight" fever that has been sweeping the nation which is very true. He even mentions the occult. More importantly though what scared me is how he also mentions how he used to dress like Elvis Presley when he was in high school, and he claims that Elvis was a Christian man who did not posses the power to turn into a bat. On the contrary, Elvis Presley himself has spoke of how he sold his soul to the devil, and would become possessed with a spirit energy every time he went on stage. He ultimately died of his abuse of drugs, and no support system. I guess in the end the devil always collects. Lets continue with this episode though, I want to apologize in advance for not knowing the names of all the characters in the show, but I will try to explain myself as best as possible. The rocker guy that is involved with the Glee club at the very mention of Gaga, he calls her a dude. Now this goes back to the rumors of Lady Gaga going through surgery to become a woman. This is a total blasphemy against God. I have nothing against gay people, I just don't like when people lie.

This is the gay character from the Glee club. He is doing 2 important hand gestures here...One is the sign of 666 or the Eye of Horus, and one is the compass from the compass and square from the Freemasons. When I first saw this I knew I had to do a post on it. I know Lady Gaga helped in this episode with the symbolism and the style of dress. Could the House of Gaga, really be responsible for all of the Glee clubs costumes in real life? I couldn't tell you, but all of the costumes worn by all of the members of the Glee club are definitely rooted from past Lady Gaga looks. The gay boys father in this episode says a really heart warming speech lecturing the jock in the club, about how he thought he was deferent promoting gay acceptance that I was very touched by. It was very strong words that were spoken and i agree with every one of them, but is Lady Gaga really a gay guy that had a sex change? I have no idea. The symbolism in this episode however is not over...

In this costume worn by the main character of the show, you can clearly see that there is the checkered floor symbolism of King Solomon's temple, and as above so below meaning to her dress. Its very strange how many symbols I have found in this episode. Now what did the boys dress like in this episode? Thats where it gets even more strange. They all dress as the band Kiss. Now I love Kiss and I have listened to there music for a very long time. However, lets get something straight, they wore makeup because they didn't want there fans to know they were Jewish. This is common knowledge. Gene Simmons the lead singer has often said this in a number of interviews. The band though has also been rather satanic with a lot of there symbolism, but we will get into that on another post, for now lets focus on one member of the Kiss band, that goes by the name of Star Child...

Starchild is the member on the top in the middle. He has a 5 pointed star over his right eye. This is obvious. However, in the Glee appearance of the Kiss tribute, he has the Star of David, or King Solomon's Seal. Which is a 6 pointed star...

Notice the star painted on his face? That is clearly different from the original Starchild makeup. Why did they do this? Seriously this is really weird. I hope I haven't offended anyone with my posts but you can also see the satanic hand gestures in the back. Everyone from famous actors and politicians have done this hand gesture, and I assure you it has nothing to do with the Texas Longhorns. If you remember one of my previous posts that I have done about the MTV 2009 VMA awards you will know that Lady Gaga played a very important role in the 'ceremony'. Her style of dress was a red costume, with a horned crown. Not thorned, but horned, with an all red veil...Here is another screenshot from this episode...

This is the same costume worn at the 2009 VMA awards by Lady Gaga. This I consider to be very strange...

This is the cup given to the main character of Glee, by her long lost mother. She said next time you are sad, drink water from this cup. Her mother also says that she has a thing for Golden Stars. What did Jesus make wine from? Water. Whats interesting is they sing a duet to the song from Lady Gaga 'Poker Face', which has gotten a lot of critics because of its sexual connotations. The seem to make the song more tolerable with there heart warming version of the song, except for one thing, it still has the same sexually explicit lyrics. Listen to it... Here are some more images that I found in this episode that might have a deeper meaning that I can't fully put together, maybe my loyal readers, can help me out...

Thats all I can say about this episode. Remember, I have nothing against gay people, and I have nothing against Jewish people, I just know my music history, and I know how the artists like to push the limits. Remember, many kids around the world consider this a family show, and watch it together with there family. Please readers leave me your comments. Thank you.

**UPDATE** If you hurry you can check out this episode live for free on your computer using Hulu. Check out this link:

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September 21, 2010

The Vatican In the Spot Light on CNN News

The Vatican has been in the news this month September 2010 like never before. Not on all outlets mind you, but on stories are running rampant. Let me give you a run down on what is happening. The Vatican bank has been put on the hot plate, because the Bank of Italy is building a case against them because they are not following the proper tracking of money that is required by the European Union. They are being accused of money laundering and the Bank of Italy would like a probe of all there financial records to prove this fact. The Vatican response is that they have always followed protocol, and others are not so sure.  "The Vatican Bank is the most secret bank in the world", says Jeffrey Robinson, "There is no way to find out how much money it controls." This I believe is a very accurate assessment. The Vatican state operates very similar to Washington D.C., which makes it a sovereign state more like its a small country of its own similar to our Washington D.C. What I found most interesting is that CNN has reported, that an effort by holocaust survivors to sue the Vatican Bank failed in 2009 when a United States court ruled that the Vatican Bank had "sovereign immunity" and was not subject to lawsuits filed in the United States. This sounds like nonsense to me did the United States government just say they aren't going to help Holocaust survivors, because the Vatican is immune? That in itself sounds like a cop out...And the Vatican's official response to the law suit? None of course. No need to say anything incriminating right? This is ridiculous. No response? This is just too weird...but wait there is more...

British officials feel as if the Pope should have done more about the sexual abuse scandals that rocked the catholic community and there is overwhelming support for this idea. Instead of being more vigilant in addressing these corrupt clergy members and what they have done, it seems there has been more effort in covering up these outrageous crimes. Did the Pope know more than he is saying about these sexual abuses performed by his clergy members in secret? Only he knows and he isn't talking....or is he? The Pope has only visited Britain once before, and never by invitation of the Queen. The last time a Pope visited Britain was in 1982, with Pope John Paul II. The visit by Benedict is considered the first state visit by a Pope to Britain by invitation of the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II shook hands with the pope at the palace in Scotland, near Edinburgh. The Palace of Holyroodhouse, but what is really strange is before they sat down they allowed the military marching band to play the National Anthem "God Save the Queen", in which the pope removed his white cap. I have never seen him do this before, and it struck me as rather odd. Then they continued to have a "private meeting" of there own, with no presence of the media, and no official announcement about the sexual abuse cases. Who is in allegiance to who here? Who is really in control, this arises so many more questions for me than it actually answers. Yet the catholic followers in the area that welcomed the Pope's arrival say it was a "happy day" and was a "great honor"....Are people really that blind? Does this have to do with the accusations being made against the Vatican Bank's years of money laundering....It is very hard to tell how and why all these stories are related.... September of 2010 continues to have the Vatican in the spotlight, and there actions, in no way explain the true nature of what they are really doing. Just so you know these stories come straight from CNN in the month of September, I have provided links below so you can see where I got the facts from that are in this post. My opinion is my opinion, but these stories, and sequence of events, I find is very interesting, and I wonder how the Vatican will handle all this pressure in the end. Thank you, and please leave comments, I love getting reader feedback.


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September 17, 2010

Was the MTV VMA Awards in 2009 an Occult Ritual?

This video is very strange, and the coincidences are far to great. Was Kanye West staging the diss to Taylor Swift? Was Pink trying to symbolize the Freemasons? Is Taylor Swift now initiated into a dark secret society that has existed since the beginnings of Egypt? They obviously understand more about these rituals and ceremonies than I do. You be the judge, this video was sent to me and I find it very interesting.

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September 13, 2010

Symbolism in The Transformers Movie in 1984

The first Transformers movie was made in 1986. Thats 3 years after I was born, I saw the movie many times as a kid, and I could never put together the things I have found, until i watched it as a grown adult. You don't have to agree with my views. People are always saying, oh the Illuminati did it! The truth is they are subliminal messages, and they aren't the only Transformer movie that has them. This does not mean it has to do with Illuminati or even the Freemasons...But it very well could...I will do a post on the more recent Transformers movie later so you can see, they all have subliminal messages sent to us straight from the Directors and Producers in Hollywood. In this movie they mention a lot of common themes that conspiracy theorists use today about the war for oil or fuel, star gates, microchip implants on humans, brain washing, shape shifting, lost civilizations, reptile worship, and ancient ruling class bloodlines.

Unicron is a planet like robot, that has the power to destroy planets. It looks very similar to George Lucas' Death Star in Star Wars, which has exactly the same purpose. This is the only God like character in Transformers which has the ability to wipe out whole planets with just a single thought. The time period that this movie starts on is 2005....Strange...There is a continuous war for fuel or energy throughout this movie, and thats the main reason why Decepticons, and the Auto bots are in a constant battle. It is also the battle between good and evil, because the Decepticons are hell bent on being destructive, while the Auto Bots are trying to save the human race, as well as get more fuel. Sound familiar?

Lets talk about Optimus Prime in this movie. He is very much a Christ like Transformer. Optimus Prime prophesied his own death, and even later on, resurrects or rises again from the grave.

When he resurrects he flies directly into the Sun (Not Unicron, but Earth's sun)....But this doesn't happen in the movie, this is how the television series ended. This was the finale. Sounds a lot like Horus symbolism or maybe even Jesus. This movie to me represents the galactic fight of good vs evil. However does that mean it makes a good movie? or that the symbols have a divine purpose? I believe it does...

This is a picture of the resurrected Optimus Prime. He then flies into the Sun.

When Optimus Prime dies he attempts to pass the Matrix of wisdom to his long time friend Ultra Magnus. Optimus Prime's last words are "Till all are one." Magnus is very absent minded, and vacant, while holding this Matrix of wisdom, and the pressure causes him to crack.

Hot Rod gains control over the Matrix, and becomes Rodimus Prime. He is a fake Prime, or an Anti-Christ. In symbolic terms. This film ends with the Anti-Prime leading the chant: "Till all are one!". Sounds like a New World Order to me.

This is the picture of Galvatron, the result of Megatron selling his soul basically to the all powerful Unicron or planet destroying robot. He is the most demonic of all the Transformers including Megatron. He is the same robot, with the same memories, and same evil agenda. He is almost an incestuous son of Himself. Both Megatron, and Galvatron, transform into weapons instead of vehicles, this is very strange, and in the recent transformers movie they have removed that fact. That implies that they are controlled by a stronger evil, and are puppets of an evil purpose. For example who is really using the Gun that Megatron transforms into? Same with the Cannon that Galvatron transforms too....That i believe is an interesting question. Galvatron tosses aside all of Megatrons old squad of Decepticons, and paves the way for a new group of evil Decepticon minions...

These are all new characters that only existed in the movie. There purpose? The same as Megatron's old minions except more powerful, and granted power by the evil planet destroying robot Unicron. Its almost like all of the Decepticons, have sold there soul to the "illuminated" one. At this point in the movie even the Auto Bots faces change....Im not too sure the reasoning behind this, but it seems to have affected the Auto Bots as well.

Starscream shown above being entangled by a snake for some reason....Is a very interesting character. He is thirsty for power, and he wants to be the new leader of the Decepticons, and even helps to defeat Megatron for this purpose. He leads the Decepticons for a brief while, until Galvatron murders him, because he is not of the Megatron "bloodline" which I think is there to remind you that no one crosses the royal bloodline...Starscream's voice was played by Chris Latta, who also played the voice for Cobra Commander in the GI-Joe 80's cartoon series.

Chris Latta has died in real life, after making this movie. The reason for his death, is still not known.

As robots become more human, humans become more like robots, people are getting chip implants and are being brainwashed by the Decepticons, while the Auto Bots are recruiting people to become more like robots to fight this evil Decepticon threat.

Look familiar? This kid is willingly signing up to become a robot soldier, so that he can fight the evil Decepticons. Reminds me of conditioning for the war in Iraq, and the people that signed up to join the army to fight a hopeless war on terror.

Ok so this post is getting kind of long now but there is one more thing I would like to say about the 1986 Transformers movie. Unicron the all powerful planet destroying robot was played by the talented Hollywood movie star Orson Welles....He was dying and sick when he played this part and he did it anyways. Orson Welles died following the movies release, and the circumstances were very strange. Why did he feel it was so important to do this kids movie before he died? Very interesting stuff....

Here is a picture of Orson Welles doing the voice. Doesn't he look kind of creepy or is it just me? Let me know what you think in the comments like always. I love getting feed back from all my hard work and research, all this stuff was hard to do, i had to take screenshots while the movie was playing etc. I hope you enjoyed it. I will do posts about the symbolism in the newer Transformers movie too....This was made to show you that the Transformers genre of movies have always been full of symbolism, and like they have been telling us for 25 years, they are definitely "More than meets the eye" ;-)

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September 11, 2010

September 11th Occult Ritual Performed by School Children

I just want everyone to know that I am not one to advocate that 9/11 was an inside job. I don't write about 9/11 because i really feel for the families that were affected by that tragedy. However, I do have an open mind with regards to the subject, and I always look into different things that have been said about 9/11 on both sides....One side being it was done by terrorists, and the other that it was done by our own government. In the above video you see President Bush reading a book with a bunch of school children entitled "The Pet Goat" which is very interesting to me, just from the goat or baphomet symbolism. Even more strange was the sort of ritualistic chanting of the spelling words that the kids were saying, they even seemed to bow to him on several occasions. These are the exact moments when the planes hit the towers. You see a man come in and tell President Bush that America is under attack, and he remains abnormally calm, and continues with his ritual magick which I think is very powerful, and if used right could be used for very evil and sinister purposes.....Why did the kids have to say THOSE words on THAT day? and why did the President refuse to leave? What was the true purpose of this? Decide for yourself, i just find this video very interesting, this is NOT fake....Also if anyone knows who that black woman is I would love to know what her occupation is, she seems to be like a demonologist, or some type of occult black magic woman. Let me know in the comments. Thank you.

In Memory of all the people that died on September 11th. God bless the families that have suffered a loss.

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September 9, 2010

Obama Visits Giza Pyramids

I found this to be a very interesting video, that has Barack Obama visiting the Pyramids of Giza in 2009. He jokes about an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh that looks like him...I don't even know where Barack Hussein Obama was born. I think this is very relevant for people that believe that there is a ruling bloodline that controls our governments around the world. It's rather odd that my spell check will allow Hussein, and Obama to NOT be underlined, and I had to add Knights Templar into my spell check dictionary, which makes no sense to me.....Am I going crazy? Could Barack Obama be related to these ancient Egyptian Pharaohs you be the judge, and don't forget to leave comments.

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September 7, 2010

Book Review: The Red Pyramid

I heard about this book originally from Amazon's recommendations. I went to the Borders here in San Antonio, and I don't know if its coincidence or some strange synchronism of what I have been reading and writing about on this blog, but I somehow got an autographed copy from his book signing he did at our Borders location in the Quarry. There were only like 15 left, so i bought one. This is by the same author that wrote the Percy Jackson series and I loved Percy Jackson very much. I would not compare this book to his latter Percy Jackson series....This is a very interesting book...He even admits in the authors note that the "House of Life" or an ancient school of Egyptian magic could still exist today...Are these the Freemasons? They have many guarded secrets and some even go as far back as ancient Egypt.

Lets get into what this book is about though. This book has 2 main characters, Carter, and Sadie Kane. Carter is of African American, or Egyptian descent and travels the world with his father, who is a very well known Egyptologist, and studies all the ancient sites. Carter hates traveling and has been home schooled all his life. His sister, Sadie lives with her grandparents and got custody over her after a mean court battle with her father who wanted to keep them both. Carter and Sadie get to see each other once a year, and they hate when people say they are not related. Sadie has more fair skin and blonde hair that she usually dies with streaks of some other type of color. Sadie is a spitfire that usually tells you like it is. She hated living with grandma and grandpa, and was very jelous of Carter who got to travel the world with his father. Carter did not have it easy though...He spent most of his time sleeping in very old hotels, and strange places all around the world. Everything goes wrong with the last time Sadie and Carter get together. There father tells them he wants to take them to the British Museum on Christmas Eve. Sadie didn't like the idea one bit, and neither did Carter. When they got there the British museum was closed and they got a special tour by the night guard, who knew Carter's father very well....So he led them straight to the Egyptian exhibit where Carter, and Sadie's father asks to see the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone is an old stone tablet that writes in Egyptian hieroglyphics first, and then writes the same thing in Greek, and in other languages. This was the key for all Egyptian explorers that wanted to learn Hieroglyphics. When they got to it, there father says "Its time we set things right", he whips out an old Egyptian wand from his work bag, and there is a terrible explosion inside the museum....He unleashes all the Gods of ancient Egypt. I can't tell you anymore or i would be giving away the story. This is a great book to read, and I believe it tells a grand story, that has been hidden from the public for a very long time. Did this really happen? Is the modern day House of Life really a description of the modern day Freemasons? Are they the House of Life now? This book is very interesting and I recommend anyone pick it up and read it. They even talk about the Washington monument obelisk and many other things that we cannot explain, but still exist in our real world. Thank you for reading please let me know what you think of this book if you have read it. They even mention I-10, the highway I take all the time that connects San Antonio and Houston. This book is very strange, and i believe it is more fact than fiction, and im sure the names have been changed to hinder further research.

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