August 19, 2010

Men In Black: Orion's Belt

Now when Men in Black came out I thought it was a great unique and well thought out movie. I still do. However some of the mentions in the movie about "How things are" I think could be some in-your-face symbolism that we should all pay attention to on some level. Lets get into it, in the movie there are these aliens that come from another galaxy and they are looking for the "galaxy on orion's belt" Now...The Giza Pyramids in Egypt are directly aligned with the real orion's belt, and the ancient Egyptians have also always been fascinated with not only orion's belt, but with the Sirius star. ::COUGH:: Sirius Satellite Radio ::COUGH::  sometimes called the dog star....Have you seen the logo for Sirius radio? It is a dog with a star for an eye, talk about symbolism....but no worries they merged with XM radio now so all is good right?! Pfffft that doesn't make me feel any better... I remember the dog star logo....But anyways lets continue....

These aliens are the ones from men in black... but they do not claim to come from the constellation orion or that they are talking about the belt of orion at all....They are looking for a small marble like object that is a galaxy in itself called Orion. I think this is a huge misdirection from the truth. The galaxy may be on orion's belt but that should not be taken literal, the belt has been in the sky since Egyptian times and they have always been fascinated with JUST THE BELT of orion. Not some stupid marble in Men in Black. This I think was just to get people to start thinking differently about orion's belt or not think about it at all, and to brush it off as some vague coincidence. Sorry though folks, I know my history. Research the great Pyramids of Giza after all they are a great wonder of the world, and can not be replicated with our own architectural skills today, great physicists are still boggled by the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx.

This is an example how the pyramids of Giza directly align with orion's belt, and they are the exact spacing to match. This is not strange coincidence people, there is also a shaft running directly down in the pyramid and also directly aligns with the star Sirius....Were they channeling some kind of spiritual or metaphysical power from these structures? Some believe the pyramids to be astrological power plants of sorts that used to power Egyptians with all kinds of energy both spiritual and physical, like to light a light bulb....Ever heard of the Baghdad battery? Google it. Thomas Edison, was not the first to invent the light bulb like our conventional History books would like us to think...People of power would hate the masses of people to know that yes.....we were a lot more spiritually and astrologically connected to the Earth and the Universe back then ....Its not part of the new world order agenda. They would rather you think we are now the best we have ever been, and we are at the pinnacle of our own human development....This is also a load of horse shit. Think for yourself and don't look at ancient civilizations as dumb ancestors that just used to hunt and gather, like you learned in grade school....They knew probably a lot more about the Universe that we can ever begin to understand today.

Ok I have told you too much......Let me know what you think in the comments.....I love this blog lol, I hope all my subscribers do too.....Show me some love....Click the follow button on the right column of this blog.....Thanks guys.  "You know what the difference between me and you is, I make this look good!" - Will Smith   (  YOU HAVE BEEN NUERALIZED )

P.S.  I am not dissing Men In Black in any way i love both movies, and i still continue to watch them. I just like to think for myself from time to time.

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  1. this is great!! keep doing what your doing. i will stay plugged in...

  2. I think besides us another perspective view of the belt of Orion, the man in black wants us to realize what they do with people who know a lot of things I should not know how aliens and other things that do not talk when you invite friends to dinner, I read several cases of murders or suicides of people who wanted to reveal the truth of the world, or were very close to doing. I follow you


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