August 30, 2010

Magic Videos That i Have Referenced in my Posts

This is from the movie The Craft. A ritual that i spoke about in previous posts. These rituals are scary, and I don't recommend anyone try this at home. Tampering with forces that you cannot control, or do not fully understand is very very dangerous....

This is a short video about Avatar the Last airbender. What is strange is I can't find the real introduction to the current Nickelodeon cartoon on YouTube anywhere... but i posted this so that you can see how it directly correlates to the Craft with its Earth, Wind, Fire, Water symbolism...Magic is everywhere you just have to know what to look for.

This is the logo for Orion Pictures from 1981. It is on a number of movies and i have mentioned in previous posts that they have now merged with MGM. I'm sure everyone here knows that the Great Pyramids of Giza, align perfectly with orion's this some form of magic, in there logo? Everyone has watched this a million times, and i bet up until now, no one has thought of its almost magical purpose.

This is the MGM logo that everyone sees when they watch a good movie, not all good movies of course because they aren't always made by MGM, however a lot are....I suggest everyone start noticing these images...and what they really mean....MGM later purchased Orion Pictures. Now they are one and the same. Research this stuff for yourself. Please comment and let me know what you think.

This is Lebron James using magical hand gestures including the double 666 hand gesture. I have referenced these hand gestures in recent posts, including that Abraham Lincoln does this hand gesture on the cover for the movie Night at the Museum. Did Lebron James sell his soul to play better basketball? Even if he did, he still didn't get a ring this last year.....LOL! This is a team game.....However Kobe Bryant also does these hand gestures before every game....Most of these guys have a ritual, all of which is pretty freaking scary...

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  1. In my opinion, the magic is the language that contains the whole knowledge of this world and pass along from the ancient time till the present. The language can be found every where it's here from the start but people never recognize one because it's in form of signs and symbols ,so you can't understand the meaning accept "them" who joined them and serve their purposes that's the secret of all magics.


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