August 30, 2010

The Freemasonic Ties in the movie: Night at The Museum

"Signs and symbols control the world, not phrases and laws" (Confucius 551-479 BC).

I have been wanting to do a post about both of these movies for a long time and almost forgot about them. Don't get me wrong I love both of these movies, and I think everyone should watch them and even take your kids....Not all Freemasons are evil. However, lets just talk for a little bit about how crazy the symbolism is in this movie. Lets start with the cover. Notice how you see Abraham Lincoln doing the nationally accepted hand sign for "OK"....This is very clever, like with the "hand of cornutus", or the Hook'em Horns hand sign, it has both a good meaning, and also a bad one. The bad meaning of Lincoln's hand gesture is 666. The mark of the beast. Out of this whole bunch of characters why does it have to be Lincoln throwing up this hand sign? Is it is because he is an enlightened Freemason? You also see the Royal Arch over all the characters which I think represents the Royal Arch degrees of Freemasonry. In both of the covers of these movies, you will notice that they keep this arch, and pillar symbolism which are very strong magical symbols in the Masonic order. This is why you see many royal arches and pillars in many of our modern, and not so modern day temples.

See the pillars? Whats interesting in this first cover of the first Night at the Museum movie is that taking the spot of Abraham Lincoln (Or what would later be Abraham Lincoln's Spot) is the Egyptian pharaoh and a Lion. I'm not sure what the symbolism here is but i know that Egyptian Pharaohs were usually believed to be Gods in the flesh or Gods that are the ruling class, and Lions have also always been symbolic of the sun this goes back to the god Horus. (Look at MGMs logo before you watch any of these movies there is a growling lion, and the symbolism is too much to list here, I'll have to do another post about that....who remembers Orion Pictures from the 90s? They merged with MGM and now control most of the main stream movies that "everyone wants to see".)

Everyone knows that it is proven fact, that Theodore Roosevelt was an initiated Grandmaster Mason. He was initiated in the Philadelphia Lodge No. 23. That is the end of that discussion, don't try to debate me over petty details because you can research this on your own. Theodore Roosevelt personally traveled to Africa to gather specimens for the Smithsonian museum. The symbolism however,  does not stop there...

This is the seal for the Knights Templar for those that do not know....I am not sure if its pure coincidence, or what, but Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams) has a scene in this movie that DIRECTLY correlates with this seal of the Templars. Here is that screen shot...(By the way I just had to add Templar to my spell check dictionary so it wouldn't underline it in red....Thats weird...)

Notice the angle of the shot that the camera man on the right is desperately trying to get, why was this shot shown in this symbolic type of way....They could have showed them both on the horse a number of different ways, but because Theodore Roosevelt was a Grandmaster Mason, it seems like the creators of these movies are also initiated masons throwing out subliminal unconscious messages to your brain, that many of you probably didn't even understand. I do not think this is coincidence.

In Freemasonry it is common knowledge that there are 3 punishments that could happen to you if you are revealing secrets of the fraternal brotherhood....Know that I am not a freemason or I could not even speak of these things...The first punishment could be the cutting of your throat for you going against the fraternal brother hood. The second punishment could be your Limbs being Ripped apart, which is shown above....or the 3rd and final punishment, being your heart being ripped out. When you are becoming a mason you have to swear in a ritual to accept your fate should you ever go against the fraternal brotherhood. The Masons are not a religion remember that, they accept all religions, and anyone in power could be a potential masonic/Egyptian magician or keeper of these ancient Egyptian secrets.

This is a picture from the premiere party for the second Night at the Museum movie. These are the writers of the movie. Why is the guy on the left winking, while the other guy looks as though hes telling us "I told you so"....Very strange indeed...This premiere party was at the National Air and Space Museum. That is it for now folks please leave me comments, and let me know what you think. Thanks.

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  1. Really? Your connections are weak and can be 100% dismissed as pure coincidence. Museums ALL have pillars in them. That's the architectural style!

  2. Maybe THESE connections to YOU can be dismissed as pure coincidence, but if you further investigate, museums aren't the only ones that show "architectural style" as you so eloquently put it...But so do most of the major temples that have to do with all the major religions of the world. Whether or not you fully investigate is entirely up to you. Is this your only critique to my whole post here? After all Freemasons originate from the master stone masons from our history guarding architectural secrets. Don't get mad at me for reporting what i find. Feel free to do the same.

  3. There is no 100% dismissal of the Freemasons being involved in our history and more importantly main stream media and movies.

  4. If you are not a mason how can you believe everything you read in your research.

  5. Its not just research, I have friends that are masons. Some things they cannot tell me obviously because it is obvious they are sworn to secrecy and most of the secrets are irrelevant anyways. Want facts? They are in key positions of power around the world. They are also highly involved in the brainwashing that goes in in both the movie and music industries. Not to mention the controlling influence in main stream media. Don't think that's a little scary? Keep paying your taxes. Oh the economy is bad? Boohoo. Pay the government and STFU. I believe its Michael Jackson that said it best "They don't really care about us." R.I.P. By the way I am not attacking you but assuming that I believe everything I read on the internet is completely asinine. Are you a mason?


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