August 30, 2010

Do you believe in Magic?

The infamous slogan for the original Golden Arches that most of the main stream already knows about. McDonald's. Yes its almost magic how they are able to entice kids into begging mommy and daddy to stop and buy them a happy meal, every time that you pass these mystical "Golden Arches". Yes I believe in magic, and i believe the practitioners are remaining quiet because they use this symbolic magic to control our lives on a daily basis. I am about to show you a number of different pictures that I have found through out the internet, and using my knowledge and research, I will try to explain them as best I can.....The ones that I can explain that is....

This mystical image is full of symbolism. I am not sure if my interpretation is correct but here it goes. Here you see 4 women that represent all the elements.... Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. Has anyone seen that move "The Craft" from the 90s? Or how about Modern day Avatar: The Last Airbender...Notice that each bender represents one of these elements. The elements however is not all that is represented here, this picture i believe is also making reference to the 4 cardinal directions based on the symbolic spheres these women are standing on. What are the 4 cardinal directions? North, South, East, and West of course. This goes back to ancient Egyptian magic, and Jewish Hermeticism magic.

In this picture I believe this goes back to what came from the Emerald Tablets. As above, So Below. The Sun and the Moon, positive, and negative, notice how the magician is playing with the fire that is the alchemy of this type of magic. I call him a magician because of his staff...Most magicians in ancient Egypt, would always have a staff of sorts....His is of course unusually strange...I believe it symbolizes the actual weeble wobble rotation of the Earth. We know now based on the stars that the earth does not perfectly rotate it kind of rotates like a top, not perfect, more with a weeble wobble. Sorry to use the term weeble wobble i don't know what else to call it. Don't let me lose you now we have more images to go...My brain is getting exhausted...but let's continue...

In this picture it looks like a Jewish magician that is tampering with the tree of life, or state of consciousness. This could tie to remote viewing or even alchemy, the divine processes that occur within the human consciousness. the Tree of Life has been a very magical symbol throughout the ages...This is no secret.

This picture is very strange, it makes me think of Mount Olympus since the sun usually symbolizes the Rising Son of God, or Horus....It makes me think of the debate that occurs between the gods in Greek and Roman mythology...But what makes it even more strange is the Egyptian Hieroglyphs in the background, that implies that they tie together and share ancient wisdom amongst the ruling class. We all know that the Greek's took a lot of knowledge from Egypt, and vice-a-versa.

This I think represents not only the Tree of Life, but also the 7 steps of transformation in alchemy. Nothing too special here, but why were all these symbols used, what is there real purpose here? Is that a unicorn, isn't that make believe? You be the judge my head hurts......Anyways please leave comments, i love getting reader feed back.   Love and Light....

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