August 13, 2010

Different Alien Species, Do not Trust the Disclosure Project

The has been recently releasing a lot of material that different governments around the world have been supposedly keeping secret from all of us. Don't get me wrong, I believe that there is a lot we could learn from the governments around the world concerning unidentified flying objects. What I don't like to see is the mass amount of disinformation, or untruthful information that is just spewing out of there mouths on a daily basis. I admit some of the information they release could be true, and it is definitely something to be given some serious thought, but who are the disclosure project? Who funds them? What is there real Agenda? How do they pay for there server, and the endless number of youtube videos that they produce on a daily basis to "inform the public"? I will tell you. The main contributer has been the great Rockefeller Dynasty. Lawrence Rockefeller to be specific. These guys are one of the richest banking families in the world that have believe it or not....Done this before. Have any of you heard of the War of the Worlds broadcast on the radio on October 30th, 1938? This broadcast was done as a special social experiment and was funded by yes guess who the Rockefellers. Lets not forget who they are and what they have done to our belief systems as a whole in the years that they have been in power. They have almost all governments in debt to them. They are also part of the almighty Bilderberg group, that Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and many other US presidents and prime ministers have been a part of for many many years. Now lets talk about some of the alien species that supposedly they know exist in our universe, that they have dealt with in the past.....Are you ready for this? ....

The pleadians, for people that want more information, are not just extra terrestrials. They are a grouping of stars that sailors from the past have used to navigate with, using different instruments of there time. They are a wise race and are way more technologically advanced than we are. Im not making this stuff up people its all part of the "disclosure project".....But wait there is more....

You also have the reptilians, that are a race of alien beings that have been here since the beginning of mankind. They supposedly control human beings through the inner workings of our religions, and governments. Through trade of a certain amount of alien abductions approved by our governments, are governments are given a certain knowledge or maybe alien technology so that we may also further advance our civilization....I am not saying i believe this people I am just a free thinker. The Sumerians, Phoenicians, and the Babylonians, were never allowed to depict the reptilians in there true forms, however, on the other side of the world, where the Mayans, the Toltecs, and the Incas resided, they were allowed to depict them in there true form. I find this rather strange to me and interesting at the same time. Did the reptilians some how know that the Vatican would later deem the Indians as savages and have all there ancient scrolls destroyed that had vast knowledge of our solar system, and yearly cycles etc. etc......Who knows....but evidently the disclosure project does....

Then you have the light beings, which I have to say, is my favorite of the bunch lol. They are all powerful all wise, and the most oldest and technologically advanced extra terrestrial if you will in our universe. They are all powerful and have the power to wipe out whole armies with just a hand gesture. They have intervened with the history of humanity on a number of occasions when they deem it to be necessary on there own accord of course. For the most part though they are the watchers of the solar system, and they only intervene when they have to. Could this be were angels come from in our Bible, or in other ancient texts....For example the burning bush? Lets continue...

Last but not least we have the tall they are called by the disclosure project. Not to be confused with light beings these evil big guys, like to abduct people, and implant them with some type of alien chip etc etc.....Kind of scary stuff, but like i said a lot of this information is from the disclosure project. I am not one to advocate the spreading of lies, but after learning what funds the disclosure project it makes me highly skeptical of what they have to say. Love and light to my subscribers.  Please leave comments and let me know what you think about the whole thing.....Thanks guys.

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  1. All of this gets me thinking that if you have a few strands of truth, and many strands of lies and confabulations, and you weave these together, no one will be any the wiser as to what to believe, what to discard and what to challenge as lies. The Illuminati serves us a lot of good night stories, but since we as mere mortals are being denied the necessary knowledge to interpret what we see, we may end up believing the lies and confabulations, and discard the truth - which I suspect is exactly what they want. The Disclosure Project may be just another tool to further mix up facts and fiction. I usually think that if we got unlimited access to ALL goverment files, we would be sorely disappointed. All this mumbo jumbo about aliens,global warming, upcoming polarshift of the Sun with catastrophical results for us terrestrials and what have you, is just to keep us distracted from what the big guys are up to. I believe it is that simple ;)

  2. I was just surfing the web and came across your site. You have some pretty interesting views and I agree about the disclosure project. On the topic of the reptiles, for sake of curiosity check out the "reptile woman" video on YouTube, and if you're still questioning their intensions in Asia... You should read passages of the Hindu bible the "mahabarata" it tells a story or epic of three pyramid shaped gold cities over every mater desert in the world. In 1920's discoveries were made of huge square mile glass sheets under sands in deserts, cities totally crystalized, bodies face down holding hands and attempting to flee in modern day Iraq (ancient summaria). They also found clay urns and jars melted to balls and the bodies were irradiated 50x that of normal decopoig bodies. After the manhattan project and wittnessed destruction Upinhimer himself quoted the "mahabarata" saying "I death, am the destroied of worlds." and referee later to the uncanny similarities to their tales, the glass deserts 20 years before, and then the atomic destruction... I could also see the light people as majestic unflitching angels, just check out Ezikeil in the bible as well as genisis "we create man in our image" many chalk this up to the holy trinity but if you compare to the "mahabarata" epic of the three golden pyramid cities in the sky over each major continent then that too could be considered "they". It's crazy how things are becoming more and more clear the closer we get to 2012, although I don't believe it'll be the end of the world, but any small matter will be totally blown up and construde by the mass media. Apocalypse in Mayan translate literally to "rebirth" or "reaknowledgement" maybe they're speaking of the return of those that tought them and the other civilizations agriculture, math, science, and medicine. All in all it's just a thought, I too am a "free thinking individual" and like to think outside the box, after all who really knows anymore what to believe... Sorry to comment so long and ramble, just had to get these things out and talk to some one about my thoughts. Oh yeah also, check out the video of the sinkhole in Guatamola, looks awfully well rounded to be a sink hole after a "lightning storm" haha yet again, the "mahabarata" speaks of many things "their weapons came down like iron bolts of lightning." not even to mention HAARP... Well I've taken up enough space. Thanks for the much enjoyed bain food...

    - Unknown AirMan

  3. Unknown AirMan thanks for your comments, and i will look into the matter you suggested, I'm glad people are starting to read what i write....Makes me feel like im not wasting my time.

    @Bergatorparen thats exactly whats going on here with the disclosure project. Cheers.

  4. We must spend fast and in the effective way this information because the time arrive very soon, after my calculations - 20, 30 years( still not so exact, i working for) to the day of the arrive of the 'light beings" like you call them or the UNITED NATIONS(120 nations of ET humans, or the Lyra union) from the constellation Andomeda, or the andromedians, who try to help us with giving us information by distance and leaving us time to react alone, they are the observers of the solar system, and they only intervene when they have to like you note, we are responsible of our Earth and we have power to help us alone, they believein us like as indipendent and powerful kind.
    When they arrive it will be the Apocalypse, like we call it in the bible, the Judgement day that everyone will pay his part in front of the Powerful. In this moment almost every human on Earth will be marked by the ''dragon'', the Satan,the Abadon, Hades or like you want to call it on his right hand ( the future chips implants with who you can buy or sell, project who will become reality in the next 10 years for the G7, passed like idea and tech from the alpha reptilians) or on the front of the head. Just few will survive to rebuild our Earth, they will not have the sign of the Dragon on there right hands or on there fronts.
    Take a look on the amazing interview of Alex Collier, he tell you more about it and give a lot of important information and explications :
    Take a look after of the binary message received by Carl Sagan in laboratory of NASA research in 1974 from the free space, you can see images and you can understand them better after seeing this video, take a look on the crop images and read again the Bible, part Apocalypse. Every Head of the dragon, it's a human 'king'(they are 7 = the G7 union and there 'godfathers') and 10 corns (the 10 biggest serviceman of the Dragon), The 'LAMB' with the 2 corns, who speak like the Satan and who give you the image in who you believe and you like.( the TV who speaks like Satan and who give you a image that you like, the 2 corns are the receiving antennas of the TV ( the old one)), think about it, the Earth need you now. Keep walking in the direction of the light and you will never die!

  5. I find it fascinating that you state that these creatures (reptilian) rules our governments, this was also the case in ancient cultures, everyone of their Gods were depicted as serpentine beings, shining serpents which the ability to transform.

    I guess all of you have heard to story of the serpent in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve? Haven't you ever wondered why eve wasn't surprised when the serpent spoke to her? The answer is that she wasn't surprised because she didn't speak to a serpent---She was speaking to a Nachash. Am I denying the story? No I'm not. the word translated 'serpent' in Genesis 3 is nachash. It's a fairly common word, and can, of course, be translated 'snake.' It also has three other meanings in the Hebrew Bible. A nachash can be someone who practices divination, or can refer to shining brass. As a verb, however, the word often means 'to shine, glean,' as you'd guess from the reference to brass. Daniel 10:13 describes the prophet being visited by a heavenly being whose body shone like brass. Anyway, nachash in genesis 3 can just as well be understood as a substantive participle, lets just say the form there can be a verbal used as a noun. What I mean to say is that the word nachash can be translated as--'The shining one'

    Eve wasn't surprised that the entity before her spoke, because she was in the presence of a celestial being, not a snake. She stood before Helel, the shining one of Isaiah 14.

    If you would like a further detailed view of this please email me at

    1. so you are trying to say that the reptilians are actually the " light beings"??

  6. ive seen a "light being" before. it was when i was 14. it came to me as a glowing sperm and shot through my eye into the back of my brain. i could taste metal in the back of my throat, like blood. since then i have came up with some weird shit such as magnetic vehicles and how there humanities future, or something. other things aswell. it was the day my friend buried his father so it could have just been an angel, but i think it was an alien... ive never heard a story like this before, not even on the net. maybe i just haven't been looking hard enough

  7. i have a question. does anybody know anyone that thinks they've been visited by a "light being" and had ideas put in they're head about futuristic technology? i think i've been visited...


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