July 12, 2010

Strange Creature Washes up On Beach

This weird creature washed up on the beach and no one really knows what it is. Many scientists don't even know what to classify this thing as. It is very strange indeed. It has many strange barnacles off shooting from its body, and some people are calling it a crustacean, which could be the correct classification. The creature looks very strange....I am not even sure how this thing eats. Who knows what it eats anyways.....Here are some more pictures.

I know there are tons of magnificent creatures like this that have not been discovered yet, deep beneath our oceans. We have only ventured out to 7% of our oceans on Earth. Could this be from the recent BP oil spill? Is this a sign of deep sea marine life beginning to die? I wonder what the real effect oil is having on our deep sea creatures is. We may never know, but things like this are starting to wash up all over the world.....Do you know what it is? Please leave comments.

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  1. That's a log covered in gooseneck barnacles. Nothing unknown or unusual about it.

  2. ROFL thanks for clearing that up Ak....I got your log covered in Barnacles right here...

  3. It looks abit like sea anemone. But giant one. But the spahe of those tentacle also attibrute to deep sea worm that lives near the crevices/cracks of ocean floor. Usually there's nutrient rich plume emanates from those crevices. But hmm, this is strange big, bulky creature.


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