June 1, 2010

Tupac's KILLUMINATI album

Tupac is one of the greatest rappers of all time. At the time of his most successful point he was highly scrutinized and criticized about what he did. He was charged with many crimes through out his life and even has record that he was a victim of police brutality. Tupac knew about the freemasons that run the USA and the rest of the world. He was also aware of the even more secret group the Illuminati. Throughout tons of lyrics on his albums he clearly points out that he knows about a "secret blasphemy" that goes on in our political system, and our belief systems. He was a revolutionary that was way ahead of his time. I think that the US government feared what he had the potential to do.

Tupac being both an oppressed black man, and a successful black man spoke out at tons of organizational meetings that could have been deemed anti-government. However i don't think that is what Tupac was trying to do, he was trying to bring fourth a change, like all visionaries before him (especially those that are black), i believe he was killed for it. While Tupac did this of course he made millions of dollars in the rap game. His album All Eyez on Me sold 6 million copies world wide. He knew about the most inner workings of the Illuminati organization, and he also knew a lot of their members including Suge Knight from Death Row Records.

Here is a photo of Tupac and Suge Knight attending a private party. Why is there Egyptian symbolism in the back? Notice that Tupac is making the sign of money while in front of Suge knight. That is exactly what Tupac was doing with this partnership. Suge knight recruited Tupac easily by paying his bail and getting him out of prison. Tupac then went under his label and began to make tons of money. Later Tupac branched off by himself, and was possibly murdered for it.

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