June 17, 2010

The Illuminati Card Game

Are the Illuminati responsible for the recent BP oil spill? Was this another planned attack somehow? No one knows for sure....There is a card game like Magic the Gathering circulating through the internet right now, and they are calling it Illuminati Card Game. The cards look like they could have been made in an Adobe Photoshop like image editor and to me it doesn't really even look like actual real cards....Some people however really believe that they are a real card game from the 90s. Here are some more pictures of cards that i found...

Now if this game really was made in the 90s, then a lot of these cards have really spoken the truth through out the years....Its very strange i must admit. Whether or not these cards were made before or after 9/11, is hard to tell. If it was made with Photoshop, but still was made in the 90s, they would still be predicting the future so it wouldnt matter...I wonder if anyone has a real deck of these cards? Let me know in the comments. Thanks.

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  1. Sir:

    I own one of every card ever printed for this game, as I used to enjoy it quite a bit. The game, entitled "Illuminati: New World Order", was produced in the nineties by Steve Jackson Games, and was intended to be completely tongue-in-cheek. The Oil Spill Card is part of a later expansion set. The Terrorist Nuke and Pentagon cards are shown here exactly as they were released, and have not been "photoshopped" or edited in any way.

    I hope this answers your questions.


  2. thank you for clearing that up Nate, this is a very strange game indeed.

  3. this seemed interesting, its not the card deck but its a book about the game


  4. the combine disatser card shows an earthquake with the clock tower of ginza, tokyo japan, on the clock the hands point to 3 and 11.... 3/11


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