June 17, 2010

Hidden Subliminal Messages in Hollywood

It has been happening since people starting making big money movies. It hasn't slowed down at all either. The above image is the all seeing eye, and pyramid in the television series CSI: NY. This show is very popular, and this is a very in your face direct subliminal that has a very distinctive meaning. This symbol of the all seeing eye can be seen in many places in Hollywood. This doesn't mean that everyone that is involved in a production with many subliminal messages, knows about it. There could be many actors that are oblivious....Imagine for a moment though, how many of the successful money making actors are in a secret society type of organization including Scientology.

Tom Hanks before he was very famous for acting did a movie called Dragnet with Dan Aykroyd in 1987. This movie was about a satanic brotherhood that calls themselves P.A.G.A.N.  We all know that the church has labeled all pagan religions as devil worship, but anyways lets continue with more images from that movie...

In the movie Dragnet they flash this file on one of the members of the International Brotherhood of Satan. Notice the logo for the brotherhood? It is the exact symbol of satan, there is no hiding anything in this movie. The whole plot is very strange, and the directors obsession with both Satan and the goat head, is very weird to me as well. Dan Aykroyd was also in the movie Ghostbusters in the 80s, and i did a whole post on that movie alone, the symbolism is very wild.

Back before Arnold Schwarzenegger was anybody he played in a movie called Hercules in New York. In the opening scene he is arguing with his father Zeus in front of the 2 pillars of freemasonry. Those are the 2 symbolic pillars from King Solomons Temple. The pillars in freemasonry are called Bachin and Joaz. They are magical symbols that represent the dualities of our reality, both positive and negative polarities. In the movie Hercules in New York you see a lot of 2 pillar symbolism that is symbolic of freemasons.

In the movie Super Mario Bros. that came out in 1993, you plainly see in clear view the twin towers of New York burn and disintegrate. We all know the towers really came down, but could this be all symbolic of a ritual with the 2 pillars from King Solomons Temple, Bachin and Joaz? Very strange in deed, was this planned all along? Decide for yourself.

In the movie the Matrix in 1999 Neo is in an interogation room, and is being questioned by Agent Smith. When Agent Smith pulls out Neo's passport, it expires on the exact day that the twin towers came down. Do you think this is coincidence too? If you don't look quick you will miss it. Luckily i have photo capture skills, now the world can see. You can make your own decision on whether or not you believe that Hollywood is messing with your mind. By the way did anyone see the new movie Sherlock Holmes? Anyone notice that the secret society is an awful lot like the Freemasons that run America? They even make reference to it. If you look at the walls on that movie you will find other masonic, and satanic symbols that your subconscious mind picks up automatically. Its time everyone wake up! Please leave comments....Thanks for reading.

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  1. subliminal messages also come from inside.
    Outer ones are man made and also cosmos made.
    Man made are will ill intent but are unsophisticated
    Inter-dimensional beings (aliens/demons/entities) also send subliminal messages (high pitched tinnitus sound in ears?).
    And within; previous lives, ancient memories, wake up calls, old karmic residues..
    imagery of symbols in visions etc..
    yantra, pentacles and heraldic imagery are all subliminal messages..

  2. Thank you Horus for your comment, and being a follower of my blog. Subliminal messages are a funny thing thats for sure, I'm sure the government has tons of research papers on the subject, but I'm sure they are being put into application as well, as my post suggests of course.

  3. Bizong the Illuminati is on to u man watch out lol

  4. U need to do a blog on how 2pac broke the oath and got tooken out...love ur website btw keep it up


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