May 27, 2010

Mystery Hexagon on Saturn's North Pole

There is something strange going on with the northern pole of Saturn. The Cassini orbiter has picked up amazing photos of a hexagon shape that we have not seen on any of the other planets including Earth. In Earth's atmosphere we have a collection of winds around the northern and south pole that blow in a circular direction. This is the first shape we have seen like this. Physicists around the world cannot explain this phenomena. Some occultists believe that this is the center of all occult energy, since Saturn is tied with the Capricorn sign on the zodiac which is a goat and has many other occult roots. What is this really though? It could even be a stargate to another dimension. NASA's Voyager 1 & 2 also reported seeing this shape or object 2 decades ago. Whatever it is, this shape is still visible from space after all this time. Here is another photograph of the object...

All 6 sides are exactly even. This is also something i consider to be very strange. Usually when things are flowing in a funnel pattern they flow in a circular direction (like when you flush the toilet, or like what is going on in Earth's atmosphere) not like how you see here....I just can't put my finger on exactly what the purpose is of this object. Scientists are stunned around the world. Please leave comments and let me know what you think of this strange object or if you have any more information. The hexagon is 26 thousand kilometres across. That means 4 Earths could fit inside this object.

If you want more information from the NASA Cassini mission on NASA's website be sure to go here:

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