May 21, 2010

The Moon

During a Total Solar Eclipse the Moon fully covers the Sun which is very much farther away than the Moon is. Lets stop and think about this for just a second. That means that our Moon could be an Engineered Moon by a supreme being. This clearly shows that not merely by coincidence (the odds are far to great) that the Moon is created by a Grand design. Scientists are still trying to figure out where our Moon comes from. This is what they know: The Moon is much much older than the Earth. The Moon is not made up of material found anywhere on our planet.

The Moon, when struck by meteors and asteroids, sends off a vibration, indicating it is hallow. Density tests also confirm this. Our Moon beneath its surface has "gaps" or holes...anything could be there. Here is another thing to think about We have what is called the Darkside of the Moon. This means that while the Moon is going around the Earth, we only see one side of the Moon at all times. I do not have answers to all these questions but i will help you understand what i know. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The last Total Solar Eclipse occurred in 1999.

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  2. with the dark side of the moon that could mean you have something different to what we see illuminated as a sign of life?
    sorry if I do not understand, but do not write English very well

  3. Yes it could mean that the Moon is somewhat artificial, or some kind of craft (because it is hollow) and could have been created by a more advanced civilization than we are.


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