March 26, 2010

Was the Ghostbusters movie made by the Illuminati?

It most definitely was this scene i found in the 1985 Ghostbusters movie. Notice the pyramid later the all seeing eye forms on this pyramid in the next image. The "bad guy" from this movie is named Gozar the Gozarian. It is a female, and the first thing she does is ask Ray if he is a "God" When he answers no she says "Then die!", and shocks all of the Ghostbusters with lightning from her hands.

Notice how all 4 Ghostbusters stand in amazement. I used to watch this movie over and over as a kid. Now that i have seen this movie when i am older it is like conditioning for the end of days.

In this image you see both of the posessed people that are the bad guys in this movie. Notice the 2 pillars from King Solomons temple? I do. Why was this put in this scene?

Some more pillars from King Solomon's Temple. Masonic symbolism everywhere.

More pillars from King Solomon's temple, they even mention the sumerians....Wow...

Last one...More pillars. It makes you think what this movie Ghostbusters really shows us. The movie industry has always been very obvious about whats going on around us. They condition our responses, so that when similar catastrophes happen in real life, we are all prone to make the same decision "the people" make in the movie. Yes the Ghostbusters are in New York City. They even speak with the mayor.

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  1. Ever consider that maybe the filmmakers used this imagery because they knew - perhaps even on a subconcious level - it struck a chord with the viewer. Sometimes things are exactly as they seem. Relax.

  2. That is my point Callum, they could have used any other symbolism here, some things you could throw up to coincidence, other things, as you said, are exactly as they seem. You ever seen the new TV series "The V" ? Another example of the best kept secrets in plain sight...Trust me there are many other films and television series as well, like "Stargate SG1" the logo they wear on their uniform is a straight up "compass and square" from the freemasons. Relaxing is what they want you to do.

  3. @Bizong I agree with you. I think the reason they add these symbols in movies and shows and make it all so clear is so that the people can believe that it's all fake. If they see it in a movie, then to them, it's obviously not real.

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