March 22, 2010

The lost city of Atlantis, is it really lost?

Alien beings a long time ago, when creating humanity created the city of Atlantis. This was the first city of the Earth. They passed down there knowledge to humanity and the keepers of this knowledge formed 2 secret societies. Holding to the laws of duality there were 2 societies because of a universal polarity that can be found in all living things. Light and dark, Sun and Moon, Positive and Negative....Its all based on a positive and negative polarity. Everything has its opposite. The Illuminati was one of these secret societies. They are the keepers of the light, or the illuminated ones. The Luminari are the opposite to the Illuminati that are worshipers of the moon and are the female polarity to the Illuminati, and the male sun of light. Another name for these 2 secret societies is also known as The Brotherhood of the Snake. All of the governing bodies on this Earth have been influenced by this brotherhood.

In my mind there are many civilizations that we know of that could have Atlantian secret society roots. You have the cities of gold in Titicaca, and many other mysterious cities that we cannot fully explain how they originated. We still have no idea where the technology came from to build such unique structures. Keep in mind that I'm not just talking about the pyramids of Egypt, and the Sphinx. We have avatars that we have followed throughout human civilization that give us the experiences that we need today. The latest avatar being Jesus of Nazareth. These avatars are part of God's grand plan to give each and every human being the life experiences that it needs to evolve into something greater.

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