March 12, 2010

Do you believe in demons and entities from another dimension?

That is tons to take in, however it is very true. All of the ancient civilizations of the world speak of reptilians and inner dimensional beings. Some people even found ways to converse with these entities. I want to tell you about a woman named Peggy Kane she specializes in EVP, or Electric Voice Phenomenon, she also deals a lot with reverse speech found in election voice recordings and in popular music. She has found a number of these entities in her research. She claims to be able to converse with these beings, and they even have put her life in jeopardy a number of times. These beings are not something to play with, many popular rock stars, occultists, and even demonologists, claim to be in regular contact with these entities.

They help them and give them answers to there problems so that they further sell there soul to the devil. This is no laughing matter, people everywhere are trying to converse with these entities using Ouija boards etc. This is very dangerous. By doing this you are inviting the dark spirits into your house. If you do happen to open one of these gateways, never burn the Ouija board, it is the best way to give the entities that has taken over your home more power. I recommend calling a priest, but even that is a shot in the dark. Remember people we do not know where these entities come from. We know they lie. They may not even be dead or tormented souls, they may just be telling us that to gain more influence of your household. We need to find out more about these beings through extensive research.

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1 comment:

  1. I don't think that the devil exists. I don't believe in demonic entities, ghosts, lost spirits etc. i would rather go for extraterestrial beings who can control our thoughts than ghosts.


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