March 24, 2010

Do reptilians and planet x really exist?

I believe they do and i am not alone. Whether or not they originate from Nibiru or deep beneath the Earth I could not tell you. I can tell you this though 100s of thousands of children go missing every year, and no one knows where they go, and they are never seen again. Let me tell you something they dont want you to know...Even the kids that have been microchipped are still never found again. This is because they are either eaten, or taken deep beneath the Earth. They love to hide these dissappearances by blaming satanic cults, and other religions, when in actuallity it is the reptilians that are responsible for your kids being eaten tortured or even raped. This is bad news for everyone. The CIA has covered this up for many years by 'misplacing' information on tons of lost kids.

There is also a red dwarf planet that is heading in the direction of the Earth. NASA has decided to name this planet Eris. This is because we know the planet as Nibiru, or Planet X so this tactic is being used to deter the fear. Did i mention that Ares is the Greek god of war? Could there be a planetary war on the horizon? I hope not... Especially since we already have to deal with the coming solar storms, and the hole in our magnetosphere... Reptilians are always around you, and not all reptilians shape shift. There are human hybrids that are the products of other humans mating with reptilians. They are a bit stronger than your average human, and in most cases sometimes even tons more attractive, they are created to spread the reptilian gene, and totally dominate mankind from within. Is all hope lost?

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