March 26, 2010

Was the Ghostbusters movie made by the Illuminati?

It most definitely was this scene i found in the 1985 Ghostbusters movie. Notice the pyramid later the all seeing eye forms on this pyramid in the next image. The "bad guy" from this movie is named Gozar the Gozarian. It is a female, and the first thing she does is ask Ray if he is a "God" When he answers no she says "Then die!", and shocks all of the Ghostbusters with lightning from her hands.

Notice how all 4 Ghostbusters stand in amazement. I used to watch this movie over and over as a kid. Now that i have seen this movie when i am older it is like conditioning for the end of days.

In this image you see both of the posessed people that are the bad guys in this movie. Notice the 2 pillars from King Solomons temple? I do. Why was this put in this scene?

Some more pillars from King Solomon's Temple. Masonic symbolism everywhere.

More pillars from King Solomon's temple, they even mention the sumerians....Wow...

Last one...More pillars. It makes you think what this movie Ghostbusters really shows us. The movie industry has always been very obvious about whats going on around us. They condition our responses, so that when similar catastrophes happen in real life, we are all prone to make the same decision "the people" make in the movie. Yes the Ghostbusters are in New York City. They even speak with the mayor.

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March 24, 2010

Do reptilians and planet x really exist?

I believe they do and i am not alone. Whether or not they originate from Nibiru or deep beneath the Earth I could not tell you. I can tell you this though 100s of thousands of children go missing every year, and no one knows where they go, and they are never seen again. Let me tell you something they dont want you to know...Even the kids that have been microchipped are still never found again. This is because they are either eaten, or taken deep beneath the Earth. They love to hide these dissappearances by blaming satanic cults, and other religions, when in actuallity it is the reptilians that are responsible for your kids being eaten tortured or even raped. This is bad news for everyone. The CIA has covered this up for many years by 'misplacing' information on tons of lost kids.

There is also a red dwarf planet that is heading in the direction of the Earth. NASA has decided to name this planet Eris. This is because we know the planet as Nibiru, or Planet X so this tactic is being used to deter the fear. Did i mention that Ares is the Greek god of war? Could there be a planetary war on the horizon? I hope not... Especially since we already have to deal with the coming solar storms, and the hole in our magnetosphere... Reptilians are always around you, and not all reptilians shape shift. There are human hybrids that are the products of other humans mating with reptilians. They are a bit stronger than your average human, and in most cases sometimes even tons more attractive, they are created to spread the reptilian gene, and totally dominate mankind from within. Is all hope lost?

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March 22, 2010

The lost city of Atlantis, is it really lost?

Alien beings a long time ago, when creating humanity created the city of Atlantis. This was the first city of the Earth. They passed down there knowledge to humanity and the keepers of this knowledge formed 2 secret societies. Holding to the laws of duality there were 2 societies because of a universal polarity that can be found in all living things. Light and dark, Sun and Moon, Positive and Negative....Its all based on a positive and negative polarity. Everything has its opposite. The Illuminati was one of these secret societies. They are the keepers of the light, or the illuminated ones. The Luminari are the opposite to the Illuminati that are worshipers of the moon and are the female polarity to the Illuminati, and the male sun of light. Another name for these 2 secret societies is also known as The Brotherhood of the Snake. All of the governing bodies on this Earth have been influenced by this brotherhood.

In my mind there are many civilizations that we know of that could have Atlantian secret society roots. You have the cities of gold in Titicaca, and many other mysterious cities that we cannot fully explain how they originated. We still have no idea where the technology came from to build such unique structures. Keep in mind that I'm not just talking about the pyramids of Egypt, and the Sphinx. We have avatars that we have followed throughout human civilization that give us the experiences that we need today. The latest avatar being Jesus of Nazareth. These avatars are part of God's grand plan to give each and every human being the life experiences that it needs to evolve into something greater.

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March 12, 2010

Do you believe in demons and entities from another dimension?

That is tons to take in, however it is very true. All of the ancient civilizations of the world speak of reptilians and inner dimensional beings. Some people even found ways to converse with these entities. I want to tell you about a woman named Peggy Kane she specializes in EVP, or Electric Voice Phenomenon, she also deals a lot with reverse speech found in election voice recordings and in popular music. She has found a number of these entities in her research. She claims to be able to converse with these beings, and they even have put her life in jeopardy a number of times. These beings are not something to play with, many popular rock stars, occultists, and even demonologists, claim to be in regular contact with these entities.

They help them and give them answers to there problems so that they further sell there soul to the devil. This is no laughing matter, people everywhere are trying to converse with these entities using Ouija boards etc. This is very dangerous. By doing this you are inviting the dark spirits into your house. If you do happen to open one of these gateways, never burn the Ouija board, it is the best way to give the entities that has taken over your home more power. I recommend calling a priest, but even that is a shot in the dark. Remember people we do not know where these entities come from. We know they lie. They may not even be dead or tormented souls, they may just be telling us that to gain more influence of your household. We need to find out more about these beings through extensive research.

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We are due for a very intense Solar Storm in Late 2015 early 2016

2012 should mark the beginning of a series of solar storms. The Earth has never see solar storms this large. It is supposed to knock out all communication equipment, and knock out the power. The Earth's magnetosphere has a huge hole in it. This is what protects the Earth from the Sun's radiation, and other radiation from space. Scientists and Nasa are well aware of this problem. The solution is a little more difficult. Do the elites of the world already know about this?

They have a huge bunker, where they are making a modern day Noah's Ark, except they aren't putting animals inside...They are stocking it with every known vegetable and fruit that they can think of, and not the plants mind you, its a huge Seed Vault. So that when the Earth has been destroyed a certain few, would have been in under ground bunkers, and have all the essential tools to rebuild and survive. This is what the government doesn't want you to know.

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Is there a real stargate?

Yes of course. The movie and the show "Stargate" i believe have a ton of truth to them. Stargate, if you watch SG-1 will bridge the gap between the Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, and the Mayan civilizations. The governement knows about inter dimensional travel and refuses to tell us the truth. We only have these clues in our television shows, and movies. If you look at the logo on Stargate SG-1 the series, you will notice that they wear a masonic logo on there uniform. Is this coincidence? Are the enlightened ones trying to tell us something? You be the judge. I believe we are being visited from other worlds. The truth is out there. We must find it!

Here is a picture of the Gulf of Aden. There is a member of the navy from every country in this current location. This image shows a swirl in the water. No one knows what this object is. I believe it is a stargate. This stargate can probably send aliens from another galaxy into our own to start an interstellar war. This could be very bad.

The picture above is a blue spiral light over Norway. Some people try to say this was a Russian missile test, i am not so easily convinced. Could this be a stargate into another galaxy? Is this a direct result of the LHC Collider?

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