August 12, 2009

The Mayans and the Incas from central america also left traces of reptilian legend throughout their time on this earth. They even had documented cases where they were told to host demonic/satanic sacrafices to appease the reptilian "gods". This is because the reptilians would actually feed on human blood. In those days it was a public affair. Nowadays the reptilian rulers of the world fiest on blood and flesh by other means...

Thisis why alot of satanic ritual concerns blood sacrafice. Blood is believed by satanists to hold great power. Especially young virgin blood. This is why the mayans would sacrafice their virgin daughters and watch as they were eatin alive by man eating reptilians from another planet. The reptilians have since interbred with humans and usually are the ruling class over the rest of us, This is why all of earths rulers can be tied back to the same egyptian blood line of the pharoahs that used to practice incest. This was so they could keep their blood line pure.

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