August 8, 2008

Are there reptilians controlling our planet?

A lot of people think so. The thing is its really creepy. Even in the bible it speaks of the snake that came to Adam and Eve. It is said that the British royal family is reptilian, also that the Bush family is reptilian. Even the super power banking families such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. There is this guy named David Ike, who has uncovered many different buildings in London, that have weird reptilian symbols on them. These are put there by the royal family in cahoots with the Masonic order. It is really crazy to think about, but it could be a definite possibility. In ancient Egypt they speak of rulers that came from the sky....Like the sumerians....Could this all be from the same thing? Im pretty sure of it. It goes even deeper than that, they have a festival in the streets of china every new year with people in dragon/serpent costumes that run crazy throughout the streets and pop fireworks. This tradition is centuries old. In the Royal Family Jubilee the Queen receives a giant egg full of spherical planets that hover above the crowd and seem to show her hometown galaxy. I am not lying about any of this people go to youtube and see for yourself these images. How is it also that the Queen looks like she is over 100 years old? Maybe because she is!

Maybe even more centuries years old than we know...The same is true with David Rockefeller, even when i see these people i can't help to think of slithering reptiles. What do you think? The Aztecs and Mayans from mexico believe they are the product of dragon gods that interbred with humans. Many other Native Americans believed the same thing. The Bilderberg group has met together for many many years. A lot of people believe that out of this group of people they are deciding the very fate of our planet. People in this group include the Queen, the Bush Family, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. So you do the math, im not claiming i did it all, i do however realize that the more i research the more these conspiracies are beginning to make sense. Comment on here and lets discuss this. I am interested on any information that comes forward.

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  1. Just look at his pupils... something is definitely wrong with them.


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