December 3, 2007

More videos that show the truth. Planet X (Nibiru), the sumerians, all ties together.

This stuff is coming to us. 2012 don't be scared accept the truth and be prepared. There is no reason for chaos. Be smart. You found this page you have to be somewhat intelligent.

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Everything on earth is begining to make more sense, now more than ever.

You have to follow the clues. Be vigilant lookup things you don't understand on the internet. Follow up the information you receive. Don't believe everything you hear, have the right mind to look it up and the natural curiosity to move ahead for mankind.

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The Sumerians were very advanced, how is it they knew the map of the solar system?

Its always been here in front of us the whole time...Why haven't we seen there is only one standard that has been fooling us the whole time. Thats modern religion that has been copied from Sumerian stone tablets in cuneiform.

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December 2, 2007

What is Nibiru or Planet X? Its simple...

I say its simple because mankind has known about Nibiru for 6000 years. In ancient Sumerian tablets, written in cuneiform, that date back 6000 years. Nibiru is a word that the Sumerian people used to call Planet X. The Sumerian culture was located in the lower region of Iraq, between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. This land was great for farming and was rich in resources. What I'm about to tell you next is quite mind boggling. The Sumerians (the oldest civilization on earth) wrote tablets and had a very precise map of the galaxy. Each planet is precisely sized and positioned correctly. How could they have known this information? They did not have telescopes. I believe the answer is simple. This map was brought to us from an ancient race of people that the Sumerians called The Anunnaki or "those who are from heaven came to Earth". They came to Earth after life on this planet had evolved for billions of years. It was at this time that the Anunnaki decided to make a worker in there own likeness, that could work, and learn from the Anunnaki. After many failed prototypes creating a supreme being on this planet from different species, a female Anunnaki Goddess, as she is referred to in Sumerian tablets, created the first male humanoid. This was done by taking 80% of our inferior (probably ape) ancestors DNA, and 20% of The Anunnakis. The possible reason why we have different races is because we all have a different level of Anunnaki DNA entwined with our ape ancestors. The people of Africa are in what they call the "cradle of life" because this is where civilization began. The Anunnaki later made an elite group of hybrids to rule the world. If you trace history you can easily see the bloodline. From royal families, to US presidents they all descend from the same bloodline!

Ok i know what your thinking. What does this have to do with today? Well I'm getting to that. I'm assuming most of the world is misinformed so I'm explaining as much as i can, as quickly as i can. Notice the orbit path of Nibiru. It is a huge path skewing far off into and out of our solar system. It takes 3630 years for it to make its orbit. This planet exists folks. The planet Eris was discovered on the 21st of october in 2003. It is officially the largest known dwarf planet in our solar system. This cannot be all coincidence. On the winter solstice of December 12 2012, Nibiru or Planet X will be clearly visible and right next to earth. This will cause our poles to shift, cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and create tsunamis. That date can also be tied back to another ancient civilization, the Mayans. This is when there calendar ends. You mean to tell me that 6000 years ago we knew about Nibiru and it wasn't actually seen until 2003? Something is going on. Don't be naive. Know the truth. Spread the truth. The ancient elite bloodline is still in charge of our media, you will never see anything like this aired on Fox Television. I hope i have enlightened you. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

They are now calling the new planet Nemesis, or Hercolubus. I believe they keep changing the name because they know people are tying things together. There is another planet out there, and its shooting comets and asteroids our way via the oort cloud.

There is a guy out there on YouTube that claims he has 100% proof that Nibiru, Hercolubus, or Comet Elenin what ever you want to call this huge planetary object, is headed in our direction. I have tried to explain what I can on the subject through this article, and I continue to update this page as I find more and more information. Some people are willing to believe this stuff, others won't allow their minds to be open to it. I want to show you this video because it has a lot of information about this coming planetary body. Could our Sun be a star gate? The sun is the original meaning of what a star gate is described as. The Sun is a star. I wonder if there is a technology out there that alien beings are using and/or have used that can harness the power of suns in the galaxy, and actually allow you to exit through any other suns kind of like a warp hole. What if you could travel to any star in the universe simply by going through it with the right technology? This is definitely something serious to think about. The sun has been worshiped throughout humanity. It is known by both science and most major religion as the "life giver" in every sense of the word. Check out this video and check out what this guy has to say. I definitely think he is on to something here. These images are straight from NASA and SOHO. This video was released on March 16th, 2011.

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