April 8, 2016

Weird Nocturnal "Nightwalker" Creatures are Coming to Life at Night

As you can see from the artist rendition on the right, that these look like fake monsters or demons straight out of a scary movie, or book. This reminds me or some nightmares I used to have as a child. Thats why I quickly shrugged this off as being another myth or urban legend like "Slenderman" (You know the things kids make up in their minds, out of fear). However, the plot quickly thickens...

Residents around Fresno, California have been seeing this being on multiple occasions. I can hear it now....'It's all hear-say Raymond, demons and goblins aren't real...' I got it. Just hear me out. I would be in that same boat if it weren't for the sheer amount of sightings that are seen now on a more frequent basis than ever, oh yeah, and they have also been spotted on CCTV security cameras, don't worry I will link a nice compilation vid of all those at the bottom.

At first glance at some of this CCTV footage my first thought is ok, someone probably constructed some sort of animatronic robot that walks creepily down the street at 1am in the morning, and that might very well be the case. A quick search on the cryptidz wiki page will tell you that these things have been sighted more and more frequently. What is going on? Why do they have no arms? That doesn't even seem practical just from an evolutionary stand point you have to eat and use tools right? I don't get it and this is a real mystery. What do you guys you think of the Fresno Nightwalkers?

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March 5, 2016

The Strange Black Goo That Comes From the Earth, Nano Bots, and Genetically Engineered Morgellons

Alien Spiders Growing in our Lower Intestine, From the Morgellons
I have been doing a lot of research on YouTube recently about this "Black Goo".

Many videos on the subject have been recently released, and I wanted to delve deeper into this black goo. I have done a previous post that I think is pretty interesting, about oil and my favorite video game: Final Fantasy 7...

It seems that a lot of religious youtube channels have been coming to the conclusion that this 'black goo' is a residue left over in a haunted house, or with demon possessions. I guess, kind of like an ecto-plasm residue from Ghost Busters....

The black goo doesnt seem to be just going through the our Earth as a fossil fuel, there is more black goo falling on cities all over the world. Could it be rain? Could it be from space? Or maybe its from chemtrails sprayed by the government. Who knows for sure...all we know, is that we are all infected...

I feel it more appropriate to talk about the more interesting theories. There is a man on youtube who's video is circulating and gaining quite a bit of popularity. He claims that this black goo has always been on Earth (which makes sense because to me when I think black goo, I immediately think of oil.

With that being said, he also says that technology is obviously nothing new. We were given technology by visitors that made a deal with the government, yadda yadda yadda....Gave them tools to control the population at the DNA level and bend them to their will... We have heard that conspiracy before, but here is when it gets interesting...

This scientist claims that sometime in our distant past  someone engineered our existing oil and altered it at a molecular level. He makes many good points, and when it comes to nano tech, and genetic engineering, we are just scraping the surface with our understanding of these technologies as human beings. 

If (and trust me, they're out there) there was an advanced alien race, they would be able to alter genetically anything they wanted. So this is like nanotech, that is actually alive, or bio nano tech seems more appropriate, and it was programmed at the DNA/RNA level to do what these aliens or beings need it to. Just look up programmable matter online, we have come a long way with this technology...

At the conference the speaker believes from different sources that we are dealing with your unconventional aliens, and they don't come from a far off planet, in a different solar system, that Keplar knows about...No... These 'aliens' are said to come from a different dimension. 

I am going to try and make this as simple to understand as possible, as I am sure you are aware of David Icke, and his slightly off the wall approach to the blood sucking reptilian matrix, that are out to make you fight, and be angry and miserable all the time. This way they can feed off your light force....however, surprisingly, he is not far off from the truth.

Lets talk about Morgellons. A morgellon is a fiber that has been protruding from people's skin lately and is a new form of hybrid biology. It is in a group all its own, like a fungus, parasite, or even bacteria, these little guys are airborne infesting our body through the air we breath. These things are not naturally occurring on our planet (at least not at their present form). Someone, or something has engineered these things.... The official wikipedia page calls Morgellons Syndrome basically a paranoia but it does says fibers protruding from the skin? So which is it then?

So once we are affected with these morgellons fiber through aerosol based chemical spraying given to us as messages from an 'alien species', they we have been further bio engineered, from an unknown extra dimensional alien race. They are almost evolved enough... living creatures, they are like programs, that we breath every day through chemtrails. When these things mature, they become like spiders in your lower intestine. They even have sexual organs and are male or female. The crazy thing we can not carry more than 2 in our stomachs. These are the things that are feeding on our fear, anger, and hate. I am not saying that reptilians don't exist and I am not trying to knock anyone's research, but this makes a lot of sense. The embryos will grow in human male and females alike. We have all been infiltrated.

So lets go over what we learned, these morgellons we breath in, from some type of delivery system (such as chemtrails), we become carrier (eventually) to a new matured alien spider that grows in our intestines. They are psychic and feed of of our very essence, our life force if you will (more bluntly are human feces). They are also programmed, very technical and work off of frequencies, these things are turning us into antennae that can receive signals, and we can have things like a heart attack, become poisoned and even die instantly, all because these things have been in our air since 2003. Their agenda? to take over our body as hosts.

Everyone on the planet has them inside them. I think they were introduced to our government by an alien species, and our government, or some government of this planet, was given a back door code, so that they can shut off the morgellons nano tech network....They were lied to. The aliens, or creatures from another dimension I should say, had no intentions of putting in this back door. We have been compromised, our very thoughts emotions and everything else is being fed back into the oil goo of the planet, and ultimately back into the hands of our controllers.

Black Goo

Every planet in the universe has black goo deep inside it's core. This is essentially what all living things turn into (even possibly humans) after their death and millions of years later we have oil which is a 'fossil fuel'. All of our past emotions, experiences, and memories is stored within that oil. What if a more advanced alien race has already figured this out?  What if they learned how to harness this databank or network of stored data in our planet's databank? Who cares if its with genetic engineering, or how. The fact is it has already happened to our planet.

An alien race has hacked our database. They could quite possibly not even be from another planet, They could be right here in front of us, out side of our visible light inside the multiverse, and they are multidimensional beings. These guys not only hacked our planetary database, but with the morgellons, they have us all hacked in real time, and eventually fully 'rooted' or compromised as human beings. Scientists, need to stop taking bribes from big corps, due some real analysts be be a super hero. Show the world, that we have been manipulated. At a grand scale.

What does all this mean? I am not too sure yet, I will keep everyone updated. Please post any feedback you have on the subject. Thanks for reading.

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September 9, 2015

Extinct Dinosaurs...Could Some Still Be Alive?

I have a friend that is from a small village deep in the jungles of South America. She is from a small village, and the population was very small. Everyone knew everyone, it was the type of town where everyone also talked about each other. This made it very hard to keep a secret.

When she was about 12 years old she was playing in the jungle at a familiar spot that had a huge beautiful lake. It was right off of a familiar trail that the girls would visit often. My friend is not a liar...what she saw on the other side of the lake was unbelievable... it was a real life dinosaur. A brontosaurus to be exact, based on her description. It had a long elongated neck and it was an herbivore that was eating leaves, based on her description. When the girls saw this living thought to be extinct monster, they took off and told everyone in the village.

Most of the villagers laughed at the girls, but the village elders knew better. Not only did they believe the girls, bit they also tell the girls their sightings and encounter stories. They never saw the beast again and moved away...

Do you think that extinct dinosaurs could still be alive in remote regions of the world? Let me know what you think in the comments!!

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August 31, 2015

Prolonged Exposure to Monsanto's Round-Up Pesticide Causes Kidney & Liver Damage, Even Failure

That's right, the same pesticide Monsanto has been using on Walmart bread, corn, tomatoes, and even ketchup, has been known to cause liver damage and kidney failure.

Farmers that have been sprinkling this miracle pesticide on their newly soiled Monsanto pesticide resistant modified corn, they are definitely more likely to have failure of the kidneys or liver.

This stuff has just recently been introduced into our food supply. I say recently, because as opposed to say like 'real' corn which we have ingested for decades. This new corn, has only been around for 10-15 years. Maybe a little longer. This means that no one actually knows what the prolonged effects are on the human body.

This is where the mice come in. Scientists have recently exposed lab rats to the Monsanto pesticide called "Round-Up" and they are having liver, and kidney damage at an alarming rate. Most of the general populous don't even care if they are eating frankencorn or not. They just want food, and they want it cheap. They don't care where it comes from, as long as it doesn't look 'gross'.

Think about your children, think about your family. Especially older elderly people. How do you think your bodies are affected by this stuff? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Real Life Conspiracy: Wealthy Corporations Buying Up Land in Brazil and Having Locals Killed

Do you believe it? If it isn't crazy enough that governments want you dead, evidently big corporations want you dead also. You see if you are dead, your land gets appropriated by the government, and suddenly it is for sale, if you are living in an old neighborhood with people around you that look like they are getting higher in age, and the neghborhood around you is getting more "upscale" with Banana Republic, and William Sonoma, then you are probably in trouble.

Don't get me wrong I feel for all of the people in Brazil that this is happening to. That does not however mean that this doesn't go on everywhere in the known world. 

Until the government is able to pass legislation it will continue to be this way. It is a shame that big corporations cannot see passed the bottom line, and would rather these indigenous people wiped off the map. All so that they can build their factory, or mine, or who knows whatever else to jump some legal or tax loophole. 

When I say big corporations none of this can really be blamed on one country. It is humanity as a whole that is flawed. We would rather commit murder, lie, cheat, and steal to be the winner. No matter who's head we have to smash that gets in our way. 

I feel really ashamed to be associated with the human race right now. 

Do you think that helicopter hat might be some sort of mind control protection? 

Conspiracy Mode, Activated....

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